Comodo Monthly Insider
Volume 2 | Issue 10 | October, 2009
Comodo Secure
Technical News
Have you visited the Comodo Forums lately?
The Comodo Forums, with over 80,000 registered users, are a great place to get answers to your Comodo product questions--anonymously.
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Ask Comodo Joe
I failed to see anything in your news letter about the massive problem that cmdagent has been causing with many users pc's.
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Comodo Chuckles
We thought that New Windows Messages Introduced with Vista at was funny, particularly message number 4:
Please visit the "yukitup" page at ITWorldCanada
( for more technological jokes
New On Comodo.TV
Comodo TV
ComodoVision: Consumer with host Muriel Patton
ComodoTV continues to crank out the hits, and thanks all of you wonderful newsletter readers for watching, rating, sharing, and subscribing to our videos. This month, check out our latest episode of ComodoVision: Consumer, featuring a warning about the recent Erin Andrews "hidden camera" scandal. We've also got some brand new tutorials, including a look at how to enhance email security with a
Digital Certificate. And finally, head on over to the Comodo Community to view Web security videos from all over the Internet that we think you would enjoy.
If you're interested in contributing a video to the Comodo Community, or if there's a specific type of video you'd like to see, please feel free to contact us at
Comodo Mail Bag
Sometimes Comodo Monthly Insider readers like to challenge your editor's linguistic skills.
Hallo, Was ist mit *Comodo Internet Security* in deutscher sprache? OK, Germany is not a great marketplace, but what's with *Comodo Internet Security "free"* in German language? Please tell me and many Comodo-users in Bremen, Germany.

Grüsse aus Bremen,(Becks City),Germany from Guenter S.
Mr. S., if I understand correctly you are saying that you feel slighted that Comodo Internet Security in German is available *free*?
      We do have an unusual distribution model.  You can download Comodo Internet Security free.  Or, for a fee, you can use the same award-winning antivirus and firewall, plus take advantage of our VPN, called TrustConnect and enjoy live remote support 24 hours a day.  That paid service is called Comodo Internet Security Pro, but
      We are not yet a large enough company to offer remote online support in all languages.  Since German is one of the languages in which the support is not offered, you would not benefit as much as an English speaker would for the paid service.
      We intend no disrespect to the German language.  In fact we were pleased to introduce Comodo Internet Security *free* in German and 16 other translations this past July.
Retired Missile Technician Chief Praises 64-bit Comodo Software
I am sincere in my praise of Comodo.  I find it an excellent and user friendly program.

Comodo is the only Antivirus Free Version that I have to work excellently on my Vista 64.

Some of the other Free ones and "Share Ware" ones either do not work properly, or won't even install, despite the downloading of what are supposed to be New drivers for Vista 64. Hogwash!
Bob (right) and his son last summer at the Air Force Academy.
I'll keep my Comodo thank you. Keep up the good work folks,
Robert B.
What's hot at Comodo?
New Comodo newsletter for businesses: Enterprise IT and Security News. Not nearly as amusing as the Comodo Monthly Insider, but do you seriously want your boss to find you taking a quiz about beer on company time? Subscribe to Enterprise IT and Security News.
Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection now includes disk encryption. Now use the award-winning Comodo firewall and antivirus on your network, with the added power of remote administration of security settings, including encryption.
Windows Server 2008-compatible Comodo Backup protects network files with scheduled backups, at no charge.
Survey of the month
How much do you know about the world's second-favorite beverage? Take this beer quiz.
Special Thanks
Thanks to PCGuia for recommending Comodo Firewall as "a robust and free firewall that offers plenty of support from their creators." Obrigado!.
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