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November, 2009
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Is Your Web Server Software Up-to-Date?
Videos Tell Visitors about Your Commitment to Safety
Comodo is spreading holiday cheer to YOU
ComodoVision E-Commerce
Is Your Server Software Up-to-Date?
TLS Encryption with Outdated Server Software Risky
Web servers that permit users to inject new negotiations into ongoing secure sessions may allow interlopers to inject themselves into encrypted Internet transmissions.
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For SSL Customers: Deploy a Video "Security Statement"
We Care For Your Security Video:
We're providing our SSL customers with videos and security statements to add to their website that'll help articulate to your customers your commitment to their security. Find the videos here
In a tight economy, we know merchants have plenty of challenges. One challenge you probably didn't plan on is lack of...
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Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment
"The biggest reason for people to abandon shopping carts is shipping costs... Merchants need to reduce shipping costs as much as possible," said Massimo Arrigoni, CEO and Co-founder of Early Impact, which develops ecommerce...
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ComodoVision E-commerce
Be the first to see our brand new ComodoVision E-Commerce, where explain what phishing is, how it works, and how you can protect your customers. You can view it here:
Online threats have cost consumers nearly $8.5 billion in the past two years.
What else didn't you know about online security? Watch our most recent video "Dangers on the web" to learn more.
Holiday campaign
What are you doing to spread holiday cheer to your customers? Here at Comodo, we've initiated an entire effort to spread cheer around the internet, starting first with you. With online shopping on the incline this year for holiday season, make sure you are doing your part to spread the cheer to your customers and help make everyone's online holiday shopping experiences safe and enjoyable.
Holiday Cheer is spreading: From us to you, from you to your customers.
Come see how.
Google Merchant Center
Google has introduced a new Merchant Center, which is a place to upload your product data to Google and make it available to Google Product Search and other Google services. This new site replaces the former Google Base. You can learn more in Google Merchant Blog.
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