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Security fears are costing e-commerce merchants
Your customers are apprehensive about shopping online. Many shoppers will not enter their credit or debit card details in an online commerce environment strictly as a result of their security concerns. This is a tremendous number of sales lost because merchants have not been able to properly secure their websites and communicate to their customers that transacting with them is safe. What are these shoppers concerned about?
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E-commerce merchants should keep in mind that the more security and guarantees communicated to these customers, the more likely they are to transact with you. We can help! With Comodo's new BuyerTrust Purchase Protection, you can give your customers the highest assurance in security and customer satisfaction by guaranteeing their purchase will be exactly as they expect, or their money back. Eliminate the risk in buying and convert more apprehensive customers. Learn more about BuyerTrust Read the entire article
SSL Security Industry news

Law enforcement appliance subverts SSL recently published an article exposing the law enforcement and intelligence communities recent use of forged SSL certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks and steal information that is otherwise encrypted and meant to remain private between two parties. Here at Comodo, we find this news upsetting and want our customers to understand that under no circumstances have we or will we ever be a part of this activity. Any certificate that Comodo has issued has undergone the necessary validation and is believed to be Comodo trustworthy. Learn more We want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on forging certificates for law enforcement and the intelligence community? Take this 10 second poll and let us know. We'll share the results in next month's newsletter.
Melih Video About Security Insider Security Insider How can we trust information that we can no validate? This legitimate and thought-provoking question is addressed by Comodo's CEO, Melih Abdulhayoglu in this video. If we can not touch and verify with our senses, how do we know the difference between a $20 bill, which has value, and a post-it, which has limited value?
Watch as he addresses this and other concerns with transacting online in this Security Insider.
Security fears are costing e-commerce merchants
Law enforcement appliance subverts SSL
Security Insider
Buyer Trust
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