The Comodo OEM Program offers profitable opportunities that include offering Comodo software within your existing products or in addition to your solutions.

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Become an OEM Partner

Comodo's software can now be re-branded to your company brand name. This enables you to bundle Comodo's consumer oriented products with your own product offerings, giving added value to your customers. This is ideal for companies wanting to offer Internet Security Protection and Support in their own hardware or software solution. Adding Comodo software capability to your product will give the product added value, increase competitiveness and increase your revenue.

Who should become an OEM Partner?

  • System builders and integrators
  • Hardware manufacturers and distributors

Why become an OEM Partner?

  • Increase the value of your current product
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers High customer satisfaction
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors
  • Increase your revenue
  • Flexible pricing and licensing options

What products can you integrate?

Comodo offers a variety of Internet Security Products that can help you increase your revenue:

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For any other questions related to Comodo Affiliate Program feel free to contact us at the following address: oeminquiries@comodo.com.