Comodo Consumer Security Reseller

Conventional Antivirus cannot keep up with the spread of malware or the latest ransomware attacks. Offer your customers the one solution that guarantees they will never get infected.

Most desktop security is obsolete because it only cleans out KNOWN viruses rather than stopping ALL viruses. Comodo Internet Security lets you provide the solution no other vendor can offer - guaranteed protection against brand new malware and ransomware.

Program Benefits Summary:

  • Resell Comodo's award winning range of desktop security solutions, including Comodo Internet Security (installed on 80 million desktops worldwide)
  • Huge partner margins over Comodo's standard retail pricing
  • Reseller management portal allows you to easily distribute licenses, generate reports and monitor sales
  • Prepayment system let you to start selling immediately - no monthly / annual commitments
  • White-label options allow you to re-skin Comodo Internet Security with your own brand
  • Ongoing opportunity to capture new product sales and generate long-term revenue streams

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"Comodo Internet Security is the only product that we found that actually had a guarantee. Until that point, we had to personally guarantee our products, and that was taxing on us because the other antivirus solutions didn't work.
With Comodo we knew it wasn't going to be an issue because it did work."

Mitchell Clay
, Computer Corner Pocahontas, Arkansas

Comodo Internet Security - Features and Benefits

Auto-Sandbox Technology

Comodo Internet Security prevents zero-day malware and ransomware from infecting computers by isolating unknown and suspicious files inside a security hardened virtual environment. Applications executed inside the sandbox are not allowed to interact with other processes, programs or data on the local computer.

The beauty of Comodo’s Auto Sandbox Technology is that it provides absolute protection against zero-day threats without interrupting a user’s computing experience.

Virus-Free Guarantee

Comodo believes security software companies should stand behind their products, which is why we back Comodo Internet Security Complete with a unique guarantee. Comodo's Guarantee covers up to $500 for repair costs (US based customers) should a PC become infected with malware and we can't restore it to working condition.


Powerful, always-on virus monitoring tracks down and destroys any malware hiding on a PC. Cloud-based scanning detects malicious files even if a user does not have up-to-date virus definitions.


Free, instant chat support for all Comodo Internet Security Pro and Complete customers. Instantly speak to a Comodo support engineer at any time of day or night. Apart from getting expert advice on any product questions, customers can also ask their GeekBuddy to optimize their PC or run a personalized malware cleaning service on it. Just click the GeekBuddy desktop icon to connect.

Comodo Secure Shopping

Comodo Secure Shopping provides unbeatable security for online banking and shopping sessions by ensuring users connect to those websites from within a security-hardened browsing environment.

  • Hides sensitive online data from other processes running on your PC
  • Prevents key-loggers from recording your keystrokes
  • Warns you if there is a remote connection to your computer
  • Stops hackers and malware taking screenshots of your session
  • Detects fake SSL certificates to stop man-in-the-middle attacks

The technology behind Comodo Secure Shopping is already being used by major point-of-sale and money-wiring organizations to secure sensitive customer transactions. With Comodo Internet Security, we bring this same level of security to the home.

Online Storage

Backs up files to a secure online virtual vault. Includes 50GB of backup space (upgrades available).


Protects users online by blocking all unauthorized inbound or outbound connections from your PC

Website filtering

Keeps users safe online by automatically blocking dangerous websites. Allows users to set up custom block lists for different family members.

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