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Comodo acquires IP of Indicii Salus Limited extending Comodo's portfolio of secure communications solutions

Provides robust platform to enable enterprise to acquire, manage and authenticate Email communications

Jersey City, NJ (March 23, 2006) - Comodo, a global leader in identity and Trust Assurance Management Solutions, today announced the acquisition of the Intellectual Property and assets of Indicii Salus Limited a leading London based security software house.

This acquisition strengthens Comodo's position as a leading player in secure communication and email messaging through Encryption, authentication and management so that users can be secured and confidential. With this acquisition, Comodo has further extended its Identity and Trust Assurance solution suite to enable verifiable and secure digital communications, collaboration and commerce.

The core technology acquired under this acquisition includes Indicii Salus Limited's flagship security solution which, unlike other PKI offerings, is based on server-centric architecture with all information held securely in a central location thus providing a central platform necessary to host and administer central key management solutions. The central management and distribution of Secure Email communications is performed through a Private Key Server which is a robust portable encryption engine generating the public/private key pairs required to encrypt and then decrypt the messages after receipt. The software acquired includes the email client plug-ins necessary to use the service. This proprietary software is thus able to provide a central Encryption and management capability which in turn allows central authentication and management of private keys.

Further, this technology encrypts email between the client and server for secure transport and thereby it ensures integrity and confidentiality. The cryptography features of the software work across all portability platforms, is object-orientated and integrates support for algorithm replacement. From a user point of view, the encryption process is quick, even when a user is using slow dial-up lines. The applications offered by this proprietary software promote substantial savings in administration and the cost effectiveness of digital security across email platforms in that apart from the one-off client plug-in all management is central and performed on the Private Key Server where all security information is held.

This model is regarded as operating a superior generation of encryption software which offers users the autonomy to perform safe and secure transactions from any device from any location. This significantly promotes secure email user confidentiality and enables users to sign messages digitally with very secure public key technologies which, from a user's perspective, is seamless and non disruptive. The technology is designed primarily to serve as a digital-signature and certificate-based message integrity security tool for corporate environments however the software potentially offers a number of other important security applications across PDAs, GSM and mobile telephones as well as from any platform-based PC.

Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO, President and Chief Security Architect of Comodo Group, believes; "This technology provides Comodo with added benchstrength in our enterprise offerings for authenticated and Secure Email communications. It relieves companies of having to invest in a complex public key infrastructure and most importantly, this simple, transparent technology provides the confidentiality companies want for their email transactions."

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