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Is your server secure? Find out for sure with HackerGuardian

Comodo edge the totally secure e-commerce environment closer to reality with free remote vulnerability audits

New York 14th July 2005 Comodo, the internet security specialists, today added HackerGuardian remote vulnerability auditing service to its portfolio of free security tools. HackerGuardian identifies security weaknesses found on any internet connected device and generates in-depth reports outlining the solutions and patches needed to eliminate exposure to threats.

The online service offers a choice between a safe, non destructive scan and a thorough test that simulates a real life hacker attack. The scan can also identify vulnerabilities residing on common internet service ports such as mail, ftp and web - which are typically left open by most firewall configurations.

After creating an account, users will collect a free license that enables them to scan a single IP for a web server, network server, desktop computer or other internet connected device. Running an in-depth scan requires virtually no technical knowledge as the service auto-detects the IP of the target machine.

Following completion of the test, users receive a notification email linking to a diagnostic report detailing any vulnerabilities that were found. Each report ranks discovered threats by severity and provides links to associated patches and solutions.

Although primarily aimed at securing network servers and e-commerce websites, Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO Comodo Inc., notes that the service is equally relevant to the desktop,

"Home users are arguably the most vulnerable people around simply because they are usually not well protected. Adopting a 'path of least resistance' model, intruders will often zero-in on them -exploiting 'Always on' broadband connections and typical home use programs such as chat, internet games and P2P files sharing applications.

"Anyone that connects servers or devices to the internet is vulnerable to attack. Network Administrators, E-commerce sites, webhosts and home-users alike are all potential beneficiaries of a HackerGuardian Security Audit"

HackerGuardian vulnerability scans are available at and join Comodo Antispam, TrustToolBar, Free Email Certificate and i-Vault in Comodo's growing range of free consumer protection technologies.

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