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SSL provider Comodo emerges as a leading Security and Authentication Services provider for Universities and Higher Education

Universities looking to deploy a best practices approach for protecting student information and securing their online activities select Comodo for high security, high usability, and low TCO customized solutions

JERSEY CITY, NJ February 13, 2008 — Universities and educational organizations have significant online security and authentication requirements to secure their online environments so students and faculty can exchange information and access records confidently without fear of being compromised. Comodo has been addressing the special needs of this segment by continually innovating to deliver a coordinated set of solutions that are cost effective, flexible, and easy to deploy. Solutions that universities have adopted (or have plans to adopt) include anti-phishing EV SSL certificates, vulnerability management services to ensure protection against hacker attacks, Comodo Two Factor for authenticated login and Content Verification Certificates for protection against man-in-the middle attacks.

Today, many colleges and universities deliver a diverse set of online activities for their communities that range from online access to records to online registration. This creates the urgent need for a highly flexible set of solutions that address this diverse community in the areas of security and authentication.

In the past 90 days alone, over 12 universities have selected Comodo to deliver a combination of solutions to meet a diverse set of needs. Some of the colleges and universities that have selected Comodo this quarter alone include: University of Connecticut, California University of Pennsylvania, DePaul University, SUNY, University of Wisconsin, Ohio State, Yale, University of Chicago, Metropolitan College of NY, University of Hartford and Ramapo College.

Comodo focuses on PKI technology in key security and authentication areas, the cornerstones of these organizations' online infrastructure, to enable a high level of secured connectivity, communication and collaboration,

Security Services

  • EV SSL Certificates for phishing protection
    These SSL certificates provide encryption and authentication of business identity with a new confirming green indicator in the address bar. Importantly, this form of SSL Certificate provides a new level of identity assurance for both students or faculty because it enables them to verify the authentic university or college site thus protecting users from disclosing information on phishing sites.
  • HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scanning Services to monitor if a server is vulnerable to attack
    This service monitors the server to detect potential vulnerabilities hackers might use to steal student data. HackerGuardian provides daily testing of the server to ensure the server is secured from even the latest potential attackers.

Authentication Services

  • Comodo Two Factor (TF) Client Certificates are a high performance, easy to use Multi-factor user authentication solution
    Comodo TwoFactor (TF) delivers a highly cost effective, two factor user authentication solution that is as effective as tokens at a cost that is 80% or less than conventional token based solutions. This easy to deploy/ use solution is highly adaptable in a college or university where students often travel with their laptops so login can be authenticated easily. Comodo TF uses Client certificates for authenticated user access from private computers and one-time passwords via phone/ SMS/ email for authenticated access from public PCs.
  • Content Verification Certificates protects users from phishing, pharming, and man-in-the-middle attacks
    Comodo's unique Content Verification Certificates authenticates web content (such as a log-in box or graphics) to authenticate that the site is not under a Man-in-the-Middle attack. With this technology, students and faculty will be protected from ID stealing fraudsters because visitors can verify the site's identity easily.

"Across the country, educational institutions of all sizes are offering new online access opportunities for students and faculties" said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. "These organizations recognize that the proliferation of new Internet technologies and multimedia offerings has created tremendous security and authentication challenges for the higher education market as it moves to create innovative interactive opportunities. Comodo is proud to be able to help these institutions evolve to a best practices approach - cost effectively without disruption to the student body."

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