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Free TrustLogo, Security Audit, Secure Email Certificate and 30 day SSL Certificate available now

Kent, UK. December 17 2002. Comodo, the Internet security specialist, has today announced the inclusion of a free TrustLogo, worth P.O.A., with its InstantSSL Pro, PremiumSSL and PremiumSSL Wildcard Certificates. The enhancement to Comodo's portfolio is available both directly and also through the expansive reseller and web host partner network. Comodo is also extending the availability of a free security product bundle to its partner network. The bundle comprises of a Secure Email Certificate worth P.O.A., a free security audit and a free 30 day fully functional SSL Certificate.

TrustLogo provides websites with a convenient means of establishing trust and confidence with its customers through a dynamic site seal. Through the use of simple, but highly effective, "point to verify" site seal technology the website's corporate credentials such as name, address and contact details are delivered in real time from the Comodo identity assurance servers. Delivery of such credentials serves to enhance the trust relationship between customer and site, helping convert the visitor into a paying customer.

Some SSL Providers only offer low-assurance validation by validating only the applicant's right to use a domain name and not the applicant's legitimacy as a legally accountable entity. As the SSL padlock has long been adopted by the market as a mechanism to determine the trustworthiness of a site, and hence is now associated with trust and integrity, such practices may seriously undermine the level of trust in our ecommerce infrastructures.

"TrustLogo becomes vitally important as a means for websites to establish consumer trust relationships." states Melih Abdulhayoglu, Chief Security Architect with Comodo, "As some Certification Authorities are undermining existing SSL trust relationships with weakly validated SSL Certificates, TrustLogo will help websites ensure websites maintain the levels of trust and confidence necessary for the ongoing success of their ecommerce operations. Comodo employs a stringent yet highly efficient policy of two step validation for all our SSL Certificates. Like many industry analysts we strongly believe verifying both domain name ownership and company legitimacy as part of the issuance process is essential for a safe and secure e-commerce infrastructure."

TrustLogo ordinarily retails at P.O.A. per annum, however is now available at no cost with every InstantSSL Pro and PremiumSSL Certificate purchased directly through Comodo or its participating resellers or web host partners.

Comodo has also announced the availability of a free security product bundle. Either directly through Comodo, or through its Global partner network, customers may now receive:

  • Free Secure Email Certificate worth P.O.A.
  • Free automated network security audit and
  • Free 30 day, 128 bit, fully-validated trial SSL certificate - allowing customers to test drive SSL before they buy.

"The availability of free TrustLogos with InstantSSL Pro, PremiumSSL and PremiumSSL Wildcard Certificates, and the availability of free product bundles is another of our industry firsts and no doubt contribute greatly to our goal of making security affordable." comments Steve Waite, Marketing Manager with Comodo, "We are already finding that the free bundle is a great way to introduce enterprises to the commercial benefits of web server and email security."

Comodo's well-received partner programs allow resellers, ISPs, hosting companies and service providers to integrate Comodo's branded SSL solutions, InstantSSL, into their own product portfolios. Comodo has developed a number of convenient partner-to-Comodo interfacing methods to suit individual requirements to ensure convenient requests may be made for SSL certificates and TrustLogo products. The inclusion of the free product bundle into the partner program offerings allows resellers and web host partners to attract new customers to security offerings, as well as service the needs of existing clients.

Comodo's InstantSSL (InstantSSL - SSL Certificate Authority) brand has experienced great success since its launch earlier this year. With its combination of cost effective 128 bit SSL Certificates, fast issuance without the compromise of strong validation, 99% browser compatibility and expert customer care positions InstantSSL uniquely in the SSL Provider market.

More details on "Why validation matters" is available at InstantSSL - SSL Certificate Authority - including reference to industry comment by leading accountancy and market research companies.

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