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Top magazine touts TrustFax as a top productivity tool that is easy to use with better pricing options than other online faxing brands

New Jersey, NJ (May 07, 2008)Comodo announced today that PC World, a leading computer magazine, has listed TrustFax as one of its top five software productivity tools "everyday people need every day". Emphasizing the easy-to-use and cost-effective features of the service, the review indicates, that Internet Faxing service "doesn't get much easier than [TrustFax]. Besides its clean, easy-to-use Web interface is its pricing options for fax users."

Internet faxing services use the Internet to send and receive faxes, eliminating the need for a separate fax machine. With online or Internet faxing, users can conveniently send and receive faxes simply using an Internet connection and an account with the Internet Faxing service provider, such as TrustFax. Internet faxing has gained popularity among home and business users because it is efficient, cost effective, secure, and saves time. Additionally, with TrustFax, users can manage their faxes wherever they are, at their office, home or while traveling.

TrustFax offers a multitude of Internet Faxing service options to meet a wide variety of needs that incorporates advanced features and functionality such as:

  • Options for personal toll free number and local phone numbers with no extra phone lines
  • All faxes and other large files (e.g. photos) can be stored in the secure TrustFax Mailbox with up to 2GB of storage - accessible with any browser anytime
  • Tools to track and manage sent/received fax messages
  • Digitized Signatures
  • International Faxing
  • Faxes are delivered online or as a clean, easy-to-read PDF in a user's email account
  • Flexible fax packages to meet every user's needs
  • Easy sign up does not require user to download software. Users simply sign up and can start faxing right away.

The PC World reviewer, Tom Mainelli, explains, "...what I like about it--besides its clean, easy-to-use Web interface--is its pricing options ... To use the service I scan my document in my multifunction printer, upload the file to the TrustFax Web site, and send it off. It doesn't get much easier than that."

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