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Comodo release free automatic file backup and recovery tool for Windows XP and Windows 2000

Comodo BackUp provides home users and network administrators with a straightforward, no-cost application to automatically and completely protect their data.

Jersey City, NJ (March 7, 2006) - Comodo Inc., a global leader in Identity and Trust Assurance (ITA) Management solutions, today announced the release Comodo BackUp. Comodo BackUp is the automated file duplication and recovery tool for Windows XP/2000 that allows users to quickly and easily schedule ongoing backups of critical files. Free of charge, the release addresses a security hole for many users who, whilst acknowledging that regular backups are important, have not yet implemented a solution due to concerns over difficulty and cost.

The creation of regular backups is vital to businesses and home users because it is impossible to guarantee the safety of data if it exists in only one place - no matter how well a system is otherwise maintained.

Suitable for home users and network administrators alike, Comodo BackUp protects data from system crashes, accidental deletion and corruption from viruses by generating a safe backup copy of valuable files. Backups can be saved to local and network drives as well as FTP servers and CD/DVD rewriters. Should the original files become damaged or lost, users can quickly recover them using Comodo BackUp's one touch 'restore' feature.

Key features of Comodo BackUp include:

  • Complete file and folder duplication to local / network drives, FTP servers and CD/DVD re-writers

  • Schedule backups to run automatically according to user defined timetable
  • File Synchronization - real time backups whereby files are copied as soon as they are saved
  • Intelligent Incremental backups
  • Advanced, rule-based filtering
  • E-mail reporting to mailing lists upon backup completion<
  • Extensive reporting logs
  • Can run in User Specific or Windows Service mode
  • Zero learning curve - Configure in minutes using an intuitive interface

Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO Comodo, believes the new release is another valuable addition to the adoption of secure practices,

"Until now, home users and network administrators had no simple and free way to automatically and completely protect their data. Now there is an easy to use program that allows them to create, schedule and run their own backups 5 minutes after they've downloaded it. Just pick the source and destination folders, pick the times you want it to run and you're set. From now on, if data gets lost, damaged or deleted you can quickly recover it at the touch of a button."

The application joins Comodo's growing range of consumer protection technologies which are provided to end users at no cost including Personal Firewall, AntiSpam, Free Email Certificate.

Comodo BackUp is free to download and use and comes with a free, lifetime license. Users can download from

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