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IdAuthority ensures InstantSSL can provide fast, almost instant issuance without compromising levels of validation

Kent, UK, 01 July 2002. Comodo, the Internet Security Specialists behind the hugely successful InstantSSL product range, have announced the use of IdAuthority to provide fast SSL issuance without the compromise of its stringent validation processes. The move uniquely positions InstantSSL in the SSL providers market - strong validation processes combined with fast issuance speed.

To date, SSL providers have clearly been divided into two classifications: those who provide full and proper validation of applications (such as Verisign and Thawte), and those whose validation process comprises only of an email challenge to the applicant such as GeoTrust). The latter group of SSL providers is the cause of growing concern throughout the industry, especially as many view the lack of validation as causing a potential long term danger for end consumers.

As a recent Gartner report (April 2002) into the current SSL market states; "If SSL certificates are issued without adequate identity checking of the enterprises applying for the certificates, the opportunity for fraud vastly increases." The report continues to explain why this may be the case; "If legitimate enterprises can obtain certificates for domains that they don't own, or if nonexistent companies can obtain certificates for domains masquerading as legitimate (e.g., pretending to be, then it will be increasingly easy to create fraudulent Web sites."

The value of SSL is protected by the strength of a standard two-point validation process. The first step is to verify that the applicant owns, or has legal right to use, a domain name. The second step is to verify that the applicant is a legitimate entity. The compromise of either step potentially undermines the level of security provided though SSL to the end consumer.

"Good validation has traditionally taken time," states Melih Abdulhayoglu, Chief Security Architect with the Comodo Research Lab, "yet the market increasingly demands fast issuance - consequently customers have either opted for good validation and have been patient, or they have opted for fast issuance at the expense of being validated properly." InstantSSL is the first Certification Authority to combine both good validation practices and fast issuance, and as a result are positioned uniquely within the market.

"Unlike Verisign or Thawte, the turnaround time on InstantSSL certificate issuance is comparable with GeoTrust, yet unlike GeoTrust, the validations processes employed are comparable with Verisign or Thawte!" comments Abdulhayoglu, "This ensures we can serve customers requiring both speed and unmatched validation. Furthermore, by levying the investment made in IdAuthority we maintain our position as the most cost effective professional Certificate providers."

IdAuthority is world's first and unique real-time identity assurance service developed by Comodo and used by a growing number of applications and services. IdAuthority has been designed to connect the inherent commercial and legal comforts of the physical world with the online world. As a result of this revolutionary step, IdAuthority ensures that consumers and business are provided with a comparable level of assurance in the virtual world that already exists in the physical world.

Part of the critical functionality of the IdAuthority is the provision of website identities to applications and services. InstantSSL utilises this service within its issuance process - by determining the entity behind a website, applications details can be verified against IdAuthority data in real time. This first step in the validation process speeds up the domain name ownership check and submitted company details check considerably.

IdAuthority is constantly being updated and expanded with company and domain name ownership records. As well as many automated processes, Comodo have recently extended its internally operated Data Management Unit, a team of human information editors, and ensure the IdAuthority records provided to InstantSSL is both timely and accurate. The end effect is a unique database of pre-validated company information run on an infrastructure to provide, in real-time, domain name ownership information that can be used to expedite SSL applications.

InstantSSL webserver security solutions are available at InstantSSL -The SSL Certificate Authority. More information of the commercial rollout of IdAuthority, and its applications and services, is available at

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Verification is the key to establishing trust. Comodo operate the world's largest and only real-time website identity assurance infrastructure. An infrastructure capable of serving billions of identity assurance requests, known as "trusts", to end users through a variety of products and services. This certificate based system is the largest in the world, with over 15 million identity certificates already issued.

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