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The latest news from Comodo

  • PC Magazine (September 5, 2006)

    Editor's choice for the Best Stuff lists Comodo Firewall as the Best Free Firewall.

  • Home PCs Russia (September 2006)

    Free PC security article featuring the same story as PC Magazine above in Russian.

  • PC World Italy (September 5, 2006)

    "Comodo Firewall Pro guarantees security against internal and external attacks, protecting the PC from the snares of the network through continuous monitoring. Also protects personal information from identity theft and free updates whenever they are collected online update. Focuses on a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy the first configuration. There are no licenses to buy and no additional cost."

  • Business Trend Quarterly Q3 (July 2006)

    Comodo placed an ad in the publication promoting SSL certificates, HackerGuardian, Content Verification certificates, Comodo Firewall Pro and Corner of Trust Logo.

  • Bank Technology News (February 2006)

    Banks are increasingly looking to online security to stay current in user trust. Boiler Springs uses See Verify Trust from Comodo as an "alternative approach"