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In this modern-day technology, most businesses are using computers, applications, printers, mobile devices, routers, and other related machinery in their operations. These devices and applications provide various advanced functions to help companies achieve their goals. However, these technologies might also pose a risk to your livelihood. Having managed threat detection is essential in combating cyberattacks.

As technology continues to evolve, threats and cyberattacks are also evolving. There are 350,000 new malware signatures detected daily. Prevention is the key. Your company can’t just wait for an alert that your system has been breached. Managed threat detection will help your business seek potential malicious activities on your network.

Managed Threat Detection

A cyberattack exploits the vulnerability or weakness in a system or in a member of an organization. Cybercriminals might threaten a business to steal, destroy, alter, disable or gain access to sensitive data in exchange for profit.

Most of the common threats are ransomware, phishing, and malware. Ransomware blocks your access to a file or a system until a certain ransom is paid to the criminals. Pretending to be from a reputable entity, attackers distribute an email or other means of communication with malicious links or attachments. It reveals sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers. On the other hand, malware is any software that cybercriminals use to damage or exploit any device, service, or network.

To know more about how managed threat detection might help your business get security and protection from different cyberattacks, read the brief statements below.

Provides real-time network visibility and control

Managed threat detection recognizes malicious activity with network traffic analysis that will benefit your business to respond immediately before the situation worsens. Through automated malware remediation, any infections are deleted. Your company will also gain multilevel analysis and a report on the total threat posture.

Your company’s system and devices are protected

By having preventive measures against cyberattacks, computers and other technological devices in your business will run smoothly. Maintain your network’s cleanliness through automated detection. In managed threat detection, requirements for devices and systems will have complied.

Automated endpoint security and reduction of advanced threats

Provides your business an advancement against infections that easily bypass the endpoint and security. Computers and mobile devices that are infected will be identified. The decreased serious multi-phase attack will also happen with managed threat detection. Endpoint security management costs will be reduced.

Gives significant controls and IT compliance

In managed threat detection, Incident Management processes are automated and you will also get auditable logs. Regulated data detection is also included. Reporting capabilities to reach compliance for hard-to-secure systems and devices will also be provided.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

It is defined as a set of tools and processes used to improve information security and protect a business from data breaches. Your company will benefit from DLP’s function to guard critical data from loss, misusage, or unauthorized access. Transferring of important information of end-users outside the network is avoided. DLP also gives your network administrator the ability to monitor accessed and shared data by end-users.

To further equip you with vital information, here are some of the most common ways to prevent basic cyberattacks:

  • Create cybersecurity policies for your business.
  • Conduct a security awareness seminar or training among your employees.
  • Make sure that your computers and other devices are installed with spam filters and anti-malware software.
  • Deploy Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW).
  • Install endpoint detection and response (EDR).

If your company encounters more serious or advanced cyberattacks, a team of information security engineers would be required in order to customize software solutions, such as vulnerability assessments, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), etc.

Comodo Managed Threat Detection

Along with the advancement of modern technology, cyber threats are also emerging. We’ve already heard that some companies have paid hefty amounts of money or even quit the business because of a basic hack to their systems.

Managed threat detection has different functions to help you avoid cyberattacks. Investing in cybersecurity for your business is a must to prevent criminals from causing damage to your systems, revenues, or even your reputation.

Your business might be small for now but you can still do some ways to have protection like what we have mentioned above, and you might also want to consider including cybersecurity in your business plan to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Strengthen your cybersecurity posture with Comodo. Contact us now to speak with one of our security professionals!

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