Join us at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT on Wednesday, August 16.


5 Simple Steps to Avoid a Certificate Outage Disaster

Learn the tips, tools, and techniques you need to effectively manage your digital certificates

A recent survey showed that 54% of organizations don’t have a complete or correct accounting of their digital certificates. This can lead to unexpected expiries, which drive customers away and cost the average company $15 million to recover from. Don’t have an extra $15 million lying around?

Join this webinar to learn:
  • How to set up a system to automatically enroll, request, issue, and renew your certificates
  • How to consolidate all your certificates into one centralized dashboard
  • Why you probably don’t know how many certificates you actually have—and how you can fix that
  • How to build a comprehensive certificate management process that will save you money, keep your customers happy, and give you peace of mind
  • Kevin Deickmann Regional Sales Manager
    Comodo Security Solutions
  • Jason Boone Support Engineer
    Comodo Security Solutions