Yes! Now You Can Keep Track of All Your Certificates!Certificate Management for Financial Institutions

Unexpected certificate expiries are a problem that cost an average of $15 million for companies across the financial industry. In the banking sector, 1 in 4 commercial banks has an expired SSL certificate. But this and other major certificate management problems can be avoided. Join cybersecurity experts Kevin Dieckmann and Jason Boone to explore:

  • How you can prevent unexpected expiries, avoid management mistakes, stop tracking and renewal confusion, and more.
  • How Comodo Certificate Manager, the only platform that automates the entire certificate management process, can help you save time and money.
  • How the world’s most trusted certificate authority, Comodo, can fully integrate with your certificate management platform, ensuring fast and secure certificate management.
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Webinar Presenters Details

  • Kevin Deickmann Regional Sales Manager
    Comodo Security Solutions
  • Jason Boone Support Engineer
    Comodo Security Solutions
  • "Since installing the Comodo Certificate Manager solution, it has become a major part of our IT management infrastructure, allowing us to update, add and delete thousands of digital certificates with a streamlined dashboard and email alert system,"

    • Craig Hurter, IT Security Manager, University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • "We needed to put a certificate management solution in place that would significantly streamline the process of ordering, managing, and understanding which digital certificates were expiring – and Comodo Certificate Manager was the perfect security solution for us."

    • Andrew Rust, Technical Authority, Aviva.
  • "Comodo Certificate Manager gives our team a central repository and dashboard to manage and track all the digital certificates across our entire network."

    • Dustin Lovell, Systems Administrator, America First.