How Can I Stop Spam Emails? 5 Tips for Better Email Protection

When you have thousands of spam in your inbox, it's a safe bet you're scratching your head right now and asking "how can I stop spam emails?" If this is the case, you only need to check out the pieces of advice in this article and your email protection will get better instantly. Here's how you can get better email protection and the return of sanity to your email account.

How Can I Stop Spam Emails

How Can I Stop Spam Emails Tip 1: Train Your Filters

The spam filter is an email account's best form of email protection. The spam filter does not look like an advanced email protection tool at all and yet it can be trained to identify spam. It's the kind of email protection that gets better each time you use it. If you see a valid email appear in your spam folder, just click "this is not spam." This will train your filters over time to get better at being an email protection.

How Can I Stop Spam Emails Tip 2: Don't Reply to Spam Messages

In order to get better email protection, the best thing to do is to never respond to spam messages. Sometimes the hoax emails in the spam folder appear enticing. Don't reply so you avoid confirming your email address. Once you do, your email protection gets compromised further because the people managing the email list will confirm that someone is using the email address. They will bombard you with more spam messages furthering your email protection problem.

How Can I Stop Spam Emails Tip 3: Don't Give Out Your Email

Another measure of email protection against spam is never giving your email address away. Don't ask, don't tell can be an email protection technique. When you don't give out your email, no one is sure it exists, not even mail list owners. Just use another email when it is unavoidable to provide an email address.

How Can I Stop Spam Emails Tip 4: Delete the Account

In case there is too much spam in your account, sometimes the best thing to do is to let the account go. Delete your email account and use another, newer, and safer email account. Your email protection resets and you have a new account to boot.

How Can I Stop Spam Emails Tip 5: Use Another Spam Filter

If your spam filter is not working, then the best thing to do is use another email protection. One of the best email protection solutions out there is Comodo's Antispam Gateway.

When there is no answer to your question on how I can stop spam emails, the best thing to do is to turn your attention towards a proactive email protection solution. Comodo Antispam's email protection is robust and better than other solutions in the market right. This email protection is largely due to three layers of proprietary Comodo technology. There's the advanced email protection algorithm, email protection containment technology, and the command console. Here's what Comodo Antispam provides in terms of advantages in line with the ones other cloud services providers offer in terms of email protection.

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