Comodo Internet Security Software gives you:

Our software's Antivirus detects and eliminates viruses, worms, Trojans and other PC Invaders. But unlike most other Internet security software, it employees Auto-Sandboxing technology that stops, scrutinizes, quarantines-for-analysis or rejects and destroys any file trying to gain access to your PC. This makes your computer impenetrable!

Our Antivirus:

  • Detects, blocks and destroys viruses
  • Isolates suspicious files for analysis
  • Constantly protects with real-time on-access scanning
  • Employs the latest Auto-Sandboxing technology
  • Automatic updates of virus definitions

Internet Security Pro's Firewall is your first line of defense against hackers, viruses and malware. And we employ our own patented, award-winning Default Deny Protection technology.

Our Firewall:

  • Keeps you updated on all suspicious files
  • Prevention-based technology stops viruses
  • Default Deny protection so only safe files execute
  • Easily learns your PC habits for personalized alerts
  • Automatic updates for the most current protection

Our software also includes GeekBuddy, the easiest way to get instant support for hundreds of the common problems that keep your PC from functioning at peak performances. Our unique, 24/7/365 computer support service combines live, expert, hands-on, over the Internet solutions with real compassion and patience.

The GeekBuddies are on-call pros, ready to diagnose and fix your PC problems day and night. All you have to do is click our icon on your desktop and describe the problem via live chat. Whether they're complex or simple, GeekBuddy solves many problems right while you watch.

GeekBuddy gives you:

  • Virus Diagnosis and Removal
    Scans your PC to check for viruses and spyware, and removes them.
  • PC Tune Up
    Fully scans to evaluate issues affecting your computer's performance. Fine tunes key areas and improves speed and stability.
  • ID Theft Protection
    Activates your computer's basic security settings to prevent loss of sensitive data and identity theft.
  • Green PC
    We'll optimize your power management setting based on how you use your computer. Go green and save money on your electric bill.
  • Software Installation
    Installs your Comodo products and customizes configurations for maximum security protection and efficiency.
  • Printer Setup
    Installs or updates software and printer drivers, checks ink levels and configures your printer to work on a wireless or wired network.
  • Computer Troubleshooting
    GeekBuddy solves hundreds of common PC problems.