Programs Manager

Completely remove unwanted programs, drivers and Windows components from your PC.


Tunes up and cleans out any clutter

Comodo Programs Manager

Comodo Programs Manager organizes your installed programs and system

  • Completely delete partial uninstalls
  • Detect and remove unwanted junk files
  • Monitor all changes in your system
  • Manage Windows features easily
  • Restore uninstallations safely

Completely remove unwanted programs, drivers and Windows components from your PC.

Save disk space and time with just a click!

Comodo Programs Manager (CPM) is a powerful utility that gives you the ability to completely remove unwanted components from your computer. Normal uninstallers can often leave behind a slew of unwanted files, folders, settings and registry keys on your system. The more programs you install and uninstall, the more clutter gets left behind.

CPM is capable of purging all traces of an application from your computer. It's monitoring functionality keeps track of the changes that are made during the installation and usage of a program. When you uninstall using CPM, it's as though the software was never there in the first place.

CPM also creates a backup of the files, folders, data and registry entries when a program is uninstalled – allowing you to easily restore any program you uninstalled by mistake.

5 Secrets about Comodo Programs Manager

  • Monitors and records every change so it can be totally undone at uninstallation
  • Can eradicate any program, driver or Windows update with a few mouse clicks
  • On-access scanner alerts you if a setup file contains a virus, worm or Trojans
  • Allow you to easily manage programs, drivers and Windows features
  • Includes free 30 day trial for LivePCSupport

System Requirements

Supported OS: Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server2008 – 32 bit and 64 bit

Bring your PC back to its best performance

Features of Programs Manager

Comprehensive and Complete

CPM monitors and records even the smallest, most intricate changes that a program makes to your system and totally undoes them when you choose to uninstall

Designed around functionality

Sleek and intuitive interface allows users to quickly accomplish common tasks

No learning curve

Simple setup and clearly designed menus means users of any skill level will be at home with CPM within minutes

Custom installer Packages

Create self-extracting packages of any software along with the settings you specified for it. You can then reinstall the program, with the same configuration on any other computer with the same operating system

Removes partial uninstalls

CPM's robust uninstaller detects and removes failed and partially uninstalled applications

Automatic Backup

Uninstalled an application by mistake? No problem. A backup is automatically created so you can easily restore it with the same settings as before

Built in scanner

On access virus scanner warns you if you are about to install malware

Price: 100% Free

Frequent Questions

Why should I use Comodo Programs Manager?
  • Because its the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of unwanted programs that clog up your hard drive and system resources. Removing a program using program-specific uninstallers often leaves a slew of unwanted files, folders, settings and registry keys on your system
  • Because it can detect the leftovers of unsuccessful or partially uninstalled programs and remove them
  • Because it allows you to create self-extracting installation files of your favorite software that also remember your custom settings – meaning you can install the program on another computer without having to configure it all over again
  • Because it contains a built in virus scanner that warns you if you are about to install malware
Can CPM completely remove programs in my computer that were installed before I installed CPM?

Yes. Ideally, for CPM to completely track a program's activity, it needs to monitor its installation. This means CPM needs to have been installed before the target software. However, Comodo maintains an online database of the 'uninstall paths' of thousands of applications. These paths are a record of the typical changes made to a particular operating system by a certain application. They can be downloaded by the local installation of CPM and used to remove software that was installed prior to CPM.

I want to add a Windows feature/component through CPM. Do I need the Windows installation CD?

Windows 7 or Windows Vista – No - the installation CD will not be required.
Windows XP – Yes - CPM will not ask for the installation CD while removing a component, but will prompt you to insert the CD when you are adding a component.

I plan to format my hard-drive then re-install Windows. Can CPM help me restore all my applications and their settings?

Yes. CPM allows you to create a self-extracting installation package of any application and its configuration. After re-installing Windows, you can restore the applications and it settings with a single click on the package file. Note – this only works only if you reinstall the same version of Windows as before.

I uninstalled a program by mistake. Can I reinstall it using Comodo Programs Manager?

Yes. CPM creates a backup of any program that is being uninstalled. If you have removed any program by mistake, you can easily restore it.

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