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Windows 10

Your app doesn't work with Windows 10 The app you're trying to use was blocked from opening because it might damage your PC or result in loss of data. This is because some apps that worked with a previous version of Windows might not work in the same way with Windows 10. Go to the support website for the app developer and check whether a new or updated version of this app is available for Windows 10. Please update because your firewall is great...

Aaron La Flam
I love this firewall but...

I've been a user, promoter and fan of Comodo Firewall for several years, I have it installed on all of my Windows based systems, until now. My Toshiba Laptop that is currently running Windows 10 Pro, an upgrade from Insider Preview that I installed last night does not support Comodo Firewall. I don't know what I propose to do about this as of yet but I hope there is a new release that resolves this problem. Otherwise this has been an essential application that has both earned and maintained my trust time and time again! I'm providing a rating of four stars, I would provide five but I don't like being pressured to use specific search engines, home pages or to include other applications I didn't ask for. As for the Windows 10 issue, I'm sure they will resolve this without delay!

Steven Mitchell
Comodo firewall review

Comodo firewall, while it has some drawbacks, may be the best of the lot. I used to use Zonealarm because it would allow specific port setting access and denial, but it has since redesigned itself by dumbing down the product for greater ease of use. Comodo doesnt allow much customization either but it seems to effectively prevent outsiders from entering, which is what you would want a firewall to do. I use a separate anti-virus as I have used their anti-virus before and have had some unexpected visitors. But as a firewall (free) Comodo seems to work well.

Joseph Ato-Biney
Top notch

I started using Comodo firewall (Pro) way back in 2007 at its early inceptions. I have not looked back since then. It has been so robust and protective! As an IT Pro, it gives me peace of mind; that is exactly what I need. I can allow and deny applications, connections any time by a click of the mouse! Comodo Firewall is the best so far notwithstanding the fact that it is indeed free!


This product is simply awesome! The new version 8.2 is light on system resources and can be fully configured in order to be your pefect internet companion. I suggest to disable the HIPS (in order to have more usability) and to activate the autosandbox feature!

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