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  • Online shopping protection
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  • Stop unknown files running on your computer
  • Easy to setup and use

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Is your Antivirus doing a great job for you?

Most Antivirus software battles threats they know, not new ones they've never encountered. This strategy leaves open a window of vulnerability from unknown threats that can last for hours or even days.

Comodo Windows Antivirus has a better approach. It's based on the concept of prevention, not detection. Our Windows Antivirus Advanced 10 software features groundbreaking Defense+ technology that efficiently closes this window by treating unknown files seeking access to your PC's critical resources as potentially harmful. Defense+ automatically isolates such files so they can't harm you or your PC.

5 key secrets why Comodo Antivirus is different

  • Cloud-based scanning delivers superior protection against the very latest threats
  • Intelligent protection automatically sandboxes unknown and suspicious files
  • Easy to use interface lets you install and forget.
  • Isolation of all suspicious files eliminates the chance of PC contamination
  • Constantly updated with the latest virus signatures

Comodo Antivirus Awards:

Software Informer Award Software Informer Editor Award Software Informer User Award Gold Certified Firewall

Release Details: July 11, 2016. Please see latest release notes

The SIMPLEST way to protect your PC

System Requirements:

Supported OS: XP 32bit, Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 32 bit & 64 bit / 152 MB RAM / 400 MB space

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5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating

I have been using Comodo for a few years. In the past I used to buy those expensive programs.With Comodo I am rest assured everything is fine. My son is an IT he strongly recommends this to his clients and he feels that Comodo keeps his system safe at all times. I feel comodo is the program I surf the web never had a virus in my system.

Anthony Hoi
5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating Star Rating Icon

Great antivirus. Works well on my standalone PC. Simple and user friendly interface. ***THUMBS UP***

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating

This antivirus system works perfectly on my PC, and its free!

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating Star Rating Icon

good product but still requires lot's of improvement in terms of proper & complete cleanup & removal of each & every kinds of threats & malwares & their traces

Nguyễn Thái Nguyên
5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating

Very good for my computer , light and secure

Features of Comodo Antivirus

Default Deny Protectionâ„¢

Makes sure that only known PC-safe applications execute

Prevention-based security

Stops viruses and malware before they access your computer…so it isn't too late to stop them.

Auto Sandbox Technologyâ„¢

The sandbox is a virtual operating environment for untrusted programs – ensuring viruses and other malicious software are completely isolated from the rest of your computer

Secure Shopping

Total security for online shopping and banking. Features browser isolation, keylogger prevention, copy-paste protection, screen capture blocking and SSL certificate inspection.

Full strength, top notch virus detection and elimination

Our download offers Free Antivirus protection that exceeds the protection offered by expensive security suites

Quarantine system to isolate suspicious files

Possible viruses are kept executing to ensure that nothing "sneaky" gets through

Personalized protection

Set virus scans to run on a schedule, when it's convenient for you

Spyware Scanning

Spyware Scanner detects and cleans malware infections in PC registry and disks.

Cloud based Antivirus

Cloud based antivirus scanning detects malicious file even if a user does not have up-to-date virus definitions.

Cloud based Behavior Analysis

Cloud based behavior analysis system detects zero-day malware INSTANTLY.

Cloud based Whitelisting

Cloud based whitelisting of trusted publisher easily identifies a safe file and vendor

Game Mode

Suppresses operations that could interfere with a user's gaming experience such as alerts, virus database updates or scheduled scans.

Application Control

Provides users with the ability to lockdown their PC so only known good applications can run.

One-click scanning

Make sure your PC is clean with one simple button click

Easy and user-friendly interface

Simply install and forget, while Antivirus continues to protect

Real-time access to updated virus definitions

Get the most current protection possible against new viral strains

Get the most from Antivirus with Comodo Internet Security Pro 10

FAQ about Comodo Antivirus

Why do I need Antivirus Software installed on my PC?

A virus can be absolutely devastating to your PC's health. They can slow your computer to a halt, delete important files and applications, and even make your computer unusable.

What is "quarantine protection"?

When Antivirus finds what it thinks can be a virus, it immediately puts the possible virus in a quarantine state where it can't do any damage. It's extra protection from the trickier viruses.

Will programs run OK in the Sandbox?

Yes. Applications in the sandbox are run under a carefully selected set of privileges and will write to a virtual file system and registry instead of the real system. This means untrusted (but harmless) applications have the freedom to operate as usual while malicious programs are prevented from accessing or infecting your computer. This provides smoothest and most secure user experience possible. more
So why should I use this Antivirus?

Our Antivirus download features top-notch antivirus protection, for free! Real-time scanning, online updates, quarantine protection, total virus's all here.

What do you mean by 'personalized protection'?

Antivirus lets you schedule scans for viruses whenever it's most convenient. It does the same thing for updates on the latest viruses.

Do you offer any upgrades?

Yes. Comodo Internet Security (including Antivirus) is available in Plus and Pro versions – featuring 24 hour per day Live Support, TrustConnect and the Comodo Virus-Free guarantee.

Do programs stay in the Sandbox forever?

No – the sandbox is the first part of a trust decision engine. After an unknown application has been placed in the sandbox, Internet Security will also automatically queue it for submission to Comodo labs where it will be analyzed by our technicians. If it is found to be harmless then it will be added to the global safe list that will be downloaded by all Internet Security users in the next round of updates. Once it is added to the safe list, the application will no longer be run in the sandbox by Internet Security. If it is found to be malicious then it will be added to Comodo's list of malware signatures and will be deleted after the next round of updates. more
How does the Antivirus protection work?

Just click a button when you'd like to scan for viruses. When Antivirus detects one, it kills it. Dead. Gone.

What is 'Secure Shopping'?

Comodo Secure Shopping provides unbeatable security for online banking and shopping sessions by running your favorite browser inside a security-hardened virtual environment which is isolated from the rest of your computer. This creates a threat resistant tunnel between you and your target website which cannot be attacked by other processes running on your computer. Secure Shopping also features memory-scraping prevention, remote takeover protection and independent SSL certificate authentication to deliver the next-generation of security for online transactions. more
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Get the most from Antivirus with Comodo Internet Security Pro 10
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