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Cloud storage not only keeps your files secure online, it also allows you to manage/access anytime and anywhere.

2 months
Wondering where to store your thousands of MP3 or memories photography?
  • Quick access through web and mobile
  • Secure download/upload processes
  • Automated synchronizing
  • Easy drag and drop
  • Fast searching and retrieving
We value your data more than anything else

We believe that having off-site copies is essential to protecting your data from disk failure, theft, and other disasters. At the same time, we know you need trouble-free access to your files – wherever you might be. Comodo Cloud can make all of your files more secure and more accessible for as little as $0.22 per day.

Data loss can be catastrophic, but inaccessible data can be just as bad. Comodo Cloud is the easiest, most cost-effective way to avoid both problems.

The Secrets of Comodo Online Storage

  • Fast, easy setup – In a few minutes you can start synchronizing files in the background without interruption - then let our software take care of the rest
  • Peace of mind – your files are safe, secure, and available whenever and wherever you need them
  • Safekeeping backups – use the (free) Comodo Backup software to also protect data from corruption, virus damage, and accidental deletion.
  • Multiple ways to access – through the cCloud client, mobile apps, and web browsers
  • Secure online environment – encrypted storage and encrypted connections from Comodo. Just drag 'n' drop files, play music, view photos and edit documents directly from Comodo Cloud as you like
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User Reviews

Features of Cloud Online Storage

Effortless setup

Comodo Cloud features a user-friendly client app that lets you start copying files minutes after installation. If you've avoided using an online storage service because you thought it would be complicated then Comodo Cloud is the service for you. Why try the 10 GB free for 90 days account to see how easy it is.

Highly Secure

Your data is secure in flight and at rest. Your files are encrypted before they even leave your computer with the industry's strongest encryption algorithms; transferred over a 256 bit SSL connections and stored in encrypted form in Comodo's highly secure storage infrastructure. Secure login and password protection ensures your data remains private at all times.

Online drive

The Comodo Cloud client automatically assigns a local drive letter to your online storage. You can play music, view photos, watch videos and edit documents directly from Comodo Cloud - just like you would a local hard drive.

Immediate availability of your data

Retrieve the files you need, when you need them, from any Internet connected computer in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Simple File and Folder Sharing

Using the intuitive cCloud web interface, click and share any file or folder as a unique URL you can send anywhere. Easily unshared any files or folders that you want to make private again.


Comodo offers you more ways to access your files:
Comodo Cloud client, Web Interface, Mobile Apps, Comodo Backup

Join now, or try the 90 days 10GB free subscription.
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Why do I need Comodo Cloud online storage?

With only a local hard drive you are at increasing risk of losing your data from:

  • System and hard drive crashes
  • Lost or stolen laptops
  • Fire, flood, and other natural disasters

You also have only one place where your data is accessible: wherever your computer happens to be.

With Comodo Cloud in your corner, your files are securely and privately stored within Comodo's server infrastructure and can be immediately retrieved - 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Easy to use, Comodo Online Storage brings convenience and peace of mind - allowing you to concentrate on more important things.

Why can't I just use a portable hard drive?

While a portable hard drive may be found at a bargain price, it has the same problems as your local hard drive – and more.

  • When connected to your local system, it can be destroyed in the same fire, flood, power surge, etc. that kills your internal hard drive.
  • When being carried around, it's even easier to lose or damage than a laptop.
  • When attaching it to another system, you need to trust that system with all of the data on your drive.
  • If you forget to bring the drive, you no longer have access to your data.
  • Do you really want to carry a portable hard drive AND a handheld device? (aside from the possibility that you can't connect them in the first place).
What's the difference between paid and free plans?

With the paid package, you get oceans of storage space (from 100, 200 or 500 GB) and premium support for your purchase.

The free package has 10 GB space which will be OK if you don't plan to backup much data. However, most users today will want to regularly back up all their documents, emails, videos, photographs and more - a volume of data that typically runs to well in excess of 50 GB. Comodo Cloud is designed to comfortably accommodate these requirements by providing 100 GB online storage for just $7.99 per month (or get two months free included in 1-Year Plan for $79.95).

Both free and paid online storage accounts can be accessed using all of our software - Comodo Cloud client the cCloud Web interface, handheld apps, and Comodo Backup.

Why Comodo Cloud in particular?
  • Lightning fast setup and an easy to use interface means you can start storing files minutes after sign-up.
  • Competitive pricing plans make Comodo Cloud an extremely cost effective solution for home and business users.
  • Choosing Comodo means entrusting your valuable files to dedicated security specialists. We provide layered security infrastructures for thousands of businesses and consumers worldwide. Why not leverage this expertise and make sure your valuable data enjoys the same level of protection?
Do I have to use a single folder for synchronizing my files?

No! You can choose any number of folders that you want synchronized with cCloud.

Do I still need to do backups?

Absolutely! Copying or synchronizing files to Comodo Cloud protects against environmental problems, but data corruption and accidental deletion are a different type of evil. In fact, the goal of file synchronization is to make sure ALL updated files are replicated to your online storage. Unfortunately, if the update is a mistake, it will still get copied. To avoid these types of "soft" errors, we strongly recommend using our versatile Comodo Backup software to schedule regular backups to Comodo Cloud. That way you can easily restore earlier versions of your files should anything happen to the current ones. Download a free copy of Comodo Backup now.

How much does Comodo Cloud cost?

Comodo Cloud online storage is available in the following plans

  • 100 GB $79.95/year* or $7.99/month
  • 200 GB $149.95/year* or $14.99/month
  • 500 GB $349.95/year* or $34.99/month
  • 10 GB Free for first 90 days, then $8.99/year or $2.79/3 months
  • *2 months FREE included in 1-Year Plan

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Join now, or try the 90 days 10GB free subscription.
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cCloud System Requirements

cCloud Windows client

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 - 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Windows Vista - 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Windows XP SP2 - 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2008 - 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2003 - 32 bit and 64 bit

Required Hardware:

  • Intel Pentium II 233 Mhz or better
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 23 MB Hard Disk Space
cCloud Web Interface

The following browsers are supported:

  • Comodo Dragon
  • Google Chrome (or Chromium)
  • FireFox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

The following browser add-in is required for uploading files:

  • Adobe Flash

Requirements for the cCloud Android client

Android 2.2 (Froyo) and up

Requirements for the cCloud iOS client

Coming Soon...
(will require minimum iOS4 on an iPAD, iPhone, or iPod)

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