Getting Started with Comodo Cloud

Let's get started using your CCloud online storage!

  • 1. Install Comodo Cloud - entering your login ID and password when prompted at the Registration Authentication screen.
  • 2. After clicking "Finish" notice the DropZone object appear on your screen. Although it hides after a few seconds, when you click and drag a file, graphic, or text, it will re-appear so that you may drop things onto it. Whatever you drop there, will be copied to a "Dropped Files" folder in your CCloud storage.

  • 3. Open Windows Explorer and find the drive labeled "Comodo Cloud" under My Computer. You can now copy and paste files into that drive (just like you would with a local drive).

  • 4. In Explorer, right-click any folder on your C: drive (or other local drive). Select the "Sync to Cloud" option to start synchronizing that folder with a copy in your Comodo Cloud "Sync" folder.

  • 5. Right-click the Comodo Cloud icon in the system tray and select "Settings". From here you can select which drive letter will be used, change the startup option, and make any print-screens go automatically to you CCloud DropZone folder. If you do not have a direct Internet connection, you can setup use the same proxy settings specified for Internet Explorer. Selecting the "Synchronized folders" tab will let you review, add, or disable local folders that are being synced with Comodo Cloud.

  • 6. Once you have explored the Comodo Cloud client (for Windows), login at to manage your files through the easy-to-use Web client.
  • 7. For mobile device access, the Comodo Cloud app for Android is now available at Google Play (formerly the Android Market). Coming soon: Look for The CCloud app for iPhones and iPads in the AppStore.