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HackerProof includes

  • The HackerProof Trust MarkTo display on your website
  • A daily vulnerability scanEnsuring that your site meets HackerProof's trust mark standards
  • A web-based management toolTo analyze testing results
  • SiteInspectorTo analyze security from the visitor's point of view

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When you sign up for HackerProof Free Trial, you get:

  • HackerProof trust mark to display on your website.
  • A daily vulnerability scan that tests your site for security holes and to ensure it meets HackerProof's trust mark standards.
  • A web-based tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of the trustmark against your conversions on a daily basis.
  • SiteInspector next dimension scanning for preventing drive-by attacks
  • HackerProof service for a 90-day trial and pay nothing during this time. After the 90 day trial, we analyze your conversion rate. If your conversion rate is 5 percent or greater, we sign you up for the HackerProof service. If your conversion rate is not 5 percent or greater, you continue trialing the service for free. (Terms and conditions apply.)

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Put HackerProof on your website and pay nothing for a risk-free 90 day trial*!