Achieving Productivity without Exposing the Endpoint

Join us to learn:

  • Why “default-allow” and “default-deny” security postures are becoming obsolete
  • How to maintain a secure environment in the age of BYOD and IT consumerization
  • Which of the 3 most common endpoint security options is most effective
  • How to really solve the security vs. productivity dilemma

What’s in this Strategy Spotlight?

New developments in the threat landscape and security technology have changed the endpoint protection game. Implementation of best practices for endpoint protection requires acknowledging the inevitability of new, unknown files as serious threats, and adopting the technology and tactics to combat the threat. Download this Strategy Spotlight to learn:

Actionable Insights

New technologies have transformed endpoint protection, allowing enterprises to break out of the traditional security posture options of default-allow or default-deny. Learn which options have emerged, and what steps you should take to ensure effective security without sacrificing productivity.

Lab Data

Learn which percentage of unknown files is malicious; which percentage requires expert human analysis to determine intent, and more. All data comes straight from the Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab.

Expert Advice

Strategy Spotlights are developed by a team of analysts, authors, and experts including former and current contributors from industry and media organizations such as 451 Research, the NATO Cyber Centre, Enterprise Executive Magazine, CRN and the White House.


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