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Comodo APT Assessment Tool

The evolution of malware to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) is growing at an astronomical rate. With the onslaught of modern cyber-attacks on high profile and high value targets, it is becoming apparent that the state of information security is critically lacking in this new environment.


The sophistication and number of attacks is growing. The strategies and behaviors of modern malware have evolved to highly focused and targeted attacks. Current methods of mitigating risk have become ineffective and outdated.

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The Comodo APT Assessment Tool scans a range of machines either imported from Active Directory or by IP range. It is the only tool that will scan a set of machines from Active Directory for Free! Register now to receive Comodo's Free APT Assessment Tool to:

  • - Identify all UNKNOWN executables in your environment
  • - Discover what your traditional Anti-Virus solution has missed
  • - Discover known malware
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