The most powerful & intuitive all-purpose Endpoint Manager in its class, Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 3.0 manages not only the security of your workstations, laptops and netbooks but now also manages their system status.

Combining endpoint security management with system monitoring tools, Comodo ESM has evolved to manage an endpoint's network connections, processes and services, installed applications, CPU usage, RAM usage, hard-drive usage & bandwidth consumption. Alerts of deviations from acceptable or pre-defined standards are sent to the administrator's browser-based console in real-time.

Through the intuitive context menu the administrator can terminate suspicious network connections, force-close processes, stop services and uninstall applications. The administrator is also able to resolve processes causing CPU or RAM saturation and terminate them as required or quickly establish the largest files on the endpoint's hard-drive and selectively delete them releasing precious storage resources, all from one console. Via ESM policies the administrator is also able to control the endpoint's power consumption by enforcing "sleep" or "hibernate" schedules and can control the use of USB devices.

This means enhanced system security, improved system performance, more efficient energy usage and less administrative overhead resulting in potential savings of thousands of dollars per year in IT costs and a more productive computing experience for users.

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