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How to Select Endpoint Security?


Today, endpoint security is one of the most crucial components of information security. Attackers now formulate new types of threats to infiltrate the standard prevention tools. As such, organizations need to look for advanced endpoint security solutions.

This article will tackle the things you need to consider while you’re in the process of endpoint security select. Shall we take a look below?

What is the Meaning of Endpoint Security?

Before we dive into the selection of endpoint security for your organization, learning the basics is a must. Endpoint security refers to tools designed to detect attacks on an endpoint device. It can also analyze and remediate the attacks quickly should the need arise.

So what are endpoints? Endpoints are devices that serve as an entry point to an organization’s network. Examples of endpoints include:

Endpoint Security Select
  • Desktop computers or laptops
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Printers
  • Internet of Things (IoT devices)
  • and more!

However, the traditional or standard endpoint protection methods no longer work. That is because technology is constantly evolving, and so is the attacker’s ability to infiltrate a network. So, to achieve endpoint security, the solution should offer these crucial factors mentioned below.

Choose a Reliable Endpoint Security Capable for Remote Working Setup

Many companies have switched to the remote working setup because of COVID-19. However, it also means that the endpoints being used are vulnerable to data loss.

Unless the company is willing to supply a device for work, most employees will use personal devices for work. That is not ideal since it increases the chance of losing the data by the attackers.

Because of the situation, companies must choose a reliable endpoint security solution that reduces the risk of lost data. Here are some features that an endpoint security solution should have to ensure that it’s capable of remote work setup.

  • To ensure the security of recent data, the solution must have an automated backup system. It should be capable of running multiple times during the day to protect the data.
  • The solution should offer a metadata search for fast identification of backup data. This feature can speed up the recovery of the data should the attackers infiltrate the endpoint.
  • For better productivity, it should also be accessible to all staff at any time and anywhere. All employees must be able to restore the files by themselves if something happens.

Endpoint Security: Select a Solution That Provides Visibility and Allows Monitoring in Real-Time Basis

Cyber threats are inevitable, especially in endpoint devices. Given this situation, the solution must have the ability to monitor all endpoints on a real-time basis. Organizations should choose an endpoint security that can spot any unusual activity quickly. Below are the three reasons why this feature is beneficial:

  • Monitoring endpoints in real-time allows companies to understand the scope of any attack.
  • It would enable the organizations to identify the best method to deal with the damage when an attack happens.
  • This feature can help companies in planning for a strategy that will reduce attacks in the future.

Also, organizations should select an endpoint security solution that provides excellent visibility. This allows you to see where attacks come from. If the security solution is even more advanced, perhaps you can see what it does to the network as well.

Pick an Endpoint Security That Has an Automatic File Sanitization Feature

In a business setting, employees need to inspect all files that come from an email. However, this method takes a lot of time and it can decrease the staff’s productivity as well. An endpoint security solution must have an Automatic File Sanitization Feature.

So what is an Automatic File Sanitization Feature? This tool refers to threat extraction, wherein it removes any malicious content from the file. That way, it prevents any attacks from happening by sanitizing the files received from emails.

Go For a Vendor That Has a Tight Integration with Network and Cloud Technology

For better endpoint security, companies should go for a vendor that has a great track record when it comes to malware detection. As an organization, it allows you to enjoy massive benefits.

For one, it allows companies to enhance threat detection capabilities. Second, it enables an organization to manage all security infrastructures in one place.

Comodo is a leading cybersecurity vendor that provides a comprehensive endpoint security solution for enterprises. We provide what an organization needs and deliver the best services possible. If you wish to learn more about endpoint security solutions, contact Comodo today.

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