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Best Endpoint Protection Essential for SMB



As cyberattacks continue to proliferate, business owners need to zero in on their cybersecurity. However, some business leaders forgo protecting their networks from virtual attacks until their data is breached.

This is not good for the business, as it could take several months to determine what it is that caused the breach. Before they catch the perpetrators, their sensitive customer data is already distributed and they need to make the effort to mitigate the damage.

One of the most vulnerable business components of a network is endpoint devices. This makes endpoint protection essential for SMB.

Importance of Endpoint Protection

Endpoints are a collective term for all the devices connected in your network. This includes desktop, laptops, smartphones, IoT devices, printers, scanners, and tablets.

While this makes communicating and sharing files easy, it also makes your system more vulnerable to attacks. To ensure that all endpoints in the network maintain a specific level of security, you need to harness endpoint security management. It is part of a holistic cybersecurity program, which is a new requirement for small and medium sized businesses and multinational enterprises.

Imagine it as a robust alarm system that can prevent hackers that aim to collect your valuable possession—which is your data.

Endpoint Protection Essential for SMB


What Makes Endpoint Devices Vulnerable?

Endpoint devices are the most-targeted part of business networks today. To counter this, some companies deploy antivirus and anti-malware solutions on their workstations in their offices. However, their mobile devices remain unprotected.

Meanwhile, hackers looking to exploit systems are looking for these unsecured devices. As more businesses operate remotely now, they have more endpoint devices to get into.

With endpoint protection, you can safeguard devices wherever they may be.

Challenges to Effective Protection

Despite the mobility and ease of communication endpoint devices bring, there are still issues faced by business leaders when securing this technology. This includes:

  • Lack of security policy that covers a network
  • Financial stability to maintain an in-house centrally managed server to validate employees and vendors attempting to access data on the network
  • Failure to update software or exercise sufficient caution when dealing with suspicious emails and downloads.

How Endpoint Protection Protects IT in the Workplace?

Endpoint protection is essential for SMB for a number of reasons. Continue reading to learn more about it.

1. Process Monitoring and Closure

Hackers continue to use social engineering attacks to trick users into downloading and installing malicious scripts on their computers that are designed to steal data, disrupt operations, or kill data across the network.
Typically, users may be unmindful that their computers are infected because much of this malware is designed to run in the background discreetly.

By having endpoint protection, system administrators can review active processes and quickly terminate questionable ones.

2. Accurate Details and Proactive Response

System administrators need to identify immediately which steps to take once threats occur. To know which endpoints are affected, endpoint management systems will take a look at audit reports. Based on the latest knowledge about the system, administrators will recommend the best course of action to take to the policymakers.

For instance, critical vulnerabilities may require the shutdown of affected endpoints in the absence of available patches. By doing some auditing, administrators can obtain the details they need to understand its impact on the business end. They will be able to make sound decisions by understanding these data.

3. Increased Visibility

One of the most pervasive issues in cybersecurity is the lack of visibility. Without true visibility, cybersecurity professionals are unable to determine the attack surfaces that hackers intend to target. After all, hackers prefer to target isolated, vulnerable, and underutilized Endpoints.

With endpoint protection solutions, you can increase your visibility on network-connected devices. They can assist you in locating all endpoint devices, identifying any potential security gaps, and performing regular checks on your attack surfaces.

4. Streamlined Cybersecurity

Installing multiple endpoint protection can increase the risks of breaches rather than mitigating them. Instead of overloading your endpoint with multiple agents (which could cause integration issues by the way), you can simply use comprehensive single agents. The fewer solutions you have installed, the better. Fortunately, next-generation endpoint security solutions offer extensive capabilities that assist enterprises in streamlining their cybersecurity solutions.

For cost-effective and reliable endpoint protection solutions, choose Comodo. Protect your endpoints from a wide range of security risks, and malicious mobile attacks. Reach out to us and learn how our endpoint security solutions can do wonders for your business.

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