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The Benefits of Endpoint Monitoring and Management


The rise of digital technology has brought a new set of challenges for IT professionals. In 2020, 68% of companies encountered at least one endpoint attack that compromised their data and IT infrastructures. With COVID-19, it only got worse due to the employees using their personal devices at work. As such, it is crucial to enforce effective endpoint monitoring strategies for the safety of your organization.
Endpoint monitoring and management is a type of procedure wherein an IT expert controls all the endpoints in a network. This process can prevent any security issues and disturbances from happening.An endpoint device could mean physical gadgets like laptops and smartphones. They can also be a software-defined entity such as cloud-based storage services. So what are the benefits of endpoint monitoring and management to your company? Let us take a look below.
Endpoint Monitoring

Excellent Cyber Hygiene

Did you know? The majority of well-known cyberattacks happen due to not addressing security vulnerabilities. Cyber hygiene is one of the crucial aspects that organizations often ignore. Thankfully, you can improve your cyber hygiene with endpoint monitoring and prevent any hackers from attacking your network. How? To improve your organization’s security, you have to start on endpoint devices. Endpoint monitoring gives the visibility needed to protect your IT environment. Meaning, you can establish stronger security and risk management for your company. Also, it ensures that all operating systems in your endpoint devices are up-to-date. This part is essential since having an older version of an operating system would make you vulnerable to attacks.

Better Employee Experience

The device your employees use can play a huge role in their overall work performance. Most employees expect their endpoint devices to be stable and reliable for work. Unfortunately, only 44% of workers are completely delighted with the technology they use. Indeed, a terrible device will often perform slowly, which can affect an employee’s performance. Endpoint monitoring plays a significant role in solving these challenges and providing a positive employee experience. With this system, the workers can now do tasks automatically. It also helps in providing them the best condition for their endpoint devices. Meaning, you can achieve less downtime on your servers and more productivity in your organization.

Reduce Expenses

Another benefit of endpoint monitoring is that you can defend against security threats and save expenses. Cyber attacks do not only compromise your data but also can cost much recovering from the damage. For example, well-known companies often spend millions to recover from a security breach. Server downtime can also cost thousands of dollars when it happens in your company. Having an efficient endpoint monitoring system can prevent potential cyber attacks. The money you can save can be spent on more critical projects. You also get to keep all your confidential and data safe. This system provides the visibility needed to control all endpoints across your network.

Enables Safe and Efficient Remote Work

When the pandemic started, most companies had to adapt to the remote working system. Nobody predicted that this situation would happen at all. As a result, some employees opt to use their personal devices when attending to work online. However, that is a bad practice since it is possible to get exposed to various security vulnerabilities. As mentioned earlier, failure to address these vulnerabilities can cost much money. Why? First, your company is at risk of losing all your information and data. You do not want any confidential data to leak on the internet for everyone to see. Not only that, it costs millions of money to recover from the security breach. Endpoint monitoring enables your company to implement an efficient remote work system safely. You will be able to keep track of all endpoints connected to the network. You will also be able to check out outdated software or security issues quickly. Proactive maintenance reduces the possibility of you becoming exposed to threats. You can also view how these endpoint devices connect with the Wi-Fi. You will be able to assess the user experience and enable a safe remote working system.

Prevent Any Security Issues with Comodo

Having an efficient endpoint monitoring tool can bring a lot of benefits to your company. These benefits include improving cyber hygiene and reducing expenses that can help your company in the future. Get in touch with Comodo today to know more about endpoint monitoring for your business.
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