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Best EDR Solutions For Increased Endpoint Security

It is evident in the new normal that the traditional way of doing business and working eight-hour jobs is no longer restricted within the four corners of an office. This meant that companies have adjusted and allowed their employees to work from home. Although it meant comfort for employees, companies now have to make sure that their systems and information are kept extra safe.
Cybersecurity is a never ending cat and mouse situation involving the constant pursuit of malicious software and even fileless malware. As cybercriminals constantly up their game, so should your EDR solution.

What is an EDR solution and why is it important?

Endpoint detection and response or EDR solution is a term coined by Anton Chuvakin of Gartner Blog Network in 2013 to classify a group of tools that primarily focused on the detection and response to suspicious software. In case you missed it, endpoints are entry points in end-user devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones and gadgets that are connected to a network.
EDR Solutions

EDR solutions are primarily focused on four functions:

  1. Monitor and collect data from endpoints that could potentially pose a threat.
  2. Analyze collected data to recognize what threat patterns look like.
  3. Send out an automated response to identified threats to isolate them.


Traditional antivirus software is common to most people especially because it is one of the first programs recommended to be installed when we purchase our devices. Antivirus solutions are designed to detect and block malware or a virus from establishing itself on a device before it accesses the network the user is connected to. However, its limited capabilities are not enough to deal with more sophisticated threats.
EDR solutions, on the other hand, have many capabilities and an antivirus is only one of those. Aside from having an antivirus tool, EDR tools is also capable of providing a monitoring tool, threat intelligence database, and a cloud-based solution.
Endpoint detection and response is also distinct from older security solutions because it yields alerts to IT teams and triggers further investigation rather than simply identifying and containing the suspected malware.



The antivirus we have come to know is simplistic in nature and has limited scope. It serves basic purposes such as preventing, detecting, and removing malware. However, modern-day malware and cyberthreats are more complex and a simple antivirus software might not be enough to deal with it.
Meanwhile, an endpoint detection and response solution basically provides security administrators with a front row seat with its higher endpoint visibility tool. This security solution also comes with an automated threat response that allows for a faster and more accurate reaction to a posed cybersecurity threat. With this kind of capability, your company can get back to business as usual in no time.


While an antivirus software can detect malicious software, it only operates through a signature-based detection that can trace viruses logged on its database. This kind of malware detection works by adding the signature of an already known virus or malware to its database and then uses this database to identify potential threats as suspicious.
However, EDR capabilities have gone beyond collecting threat intelligence on a database. It also works by employing a behavioral analysis capability which uses machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence to differentiate what is a normal and day to day end-user activity from what is not.
Through this ability, your organization’s EDR solution will be better equipped to deal with threats because your policy will be especially tailored for your needs based on your everyday behavior and activities.


EDR solutions are more suitable for the businesses today because it has multiple security layers that involve attack blocking, endpoint patching, firewall, whitelisting, blacklisting, and next generation antivirus.
All these layers are beneficial for your organization because they feed intelligence to each other to provide you with protection from all angles.


In any kind of organization, security is always important and should be your non-negotiables. However, you should make sure that the cybersecurity solution you will adopt is something that is capable of protecting your company on many levels. It is also crucial that your endpoint security solution can be adjusted to the specific needs of your organization.
EDR solutions provide you with an increased protection capability that requires a skilled workforce. And that is what Comodo can provide you, a continuous and real-time endpoint visibility with detection and response.

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