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As our workplace becomes increasingly mobile with technology allowing us to work remotely now, the importance of protecting our devices has also become more significant. This evolution has resulted in companies now equipping themselves with endpoint detection response or EDR software to protect their data and network.

EDR is a cybersecurity solution especially designed to monitor and respond to malicious cyberattacks on endpoints. It also blocks any additional action from the malware or cyberattackers and proceeds to investigate and respond to the attack. Endpoint detection response software or EDR software are cybersecurity tools that trace, investigate, and inspect security threats on endpoints to help avoid security breaches.

In case you missed it, endpoints are physical devices that communicate back and forth with a network it is connected with. Examples of endpoints are laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and IoT devices.

With the presence of numerous cybersecurity solutions out there in this age, EDR software takes pride in the fact that aside from detecting potential threats, it also triggers an investigation of a suspicious file.

Importance of EDR Software

While cybersecurity solutions are evolving, so are malware and cyberattacks, so taking proactive steps to protect your company’s data and networks is a wise move.

A vulnerable endpoint could be the means of access for hackers and malware which could cost an organization its database, network and sensitive information. Protecting personal and business data requires an intelligent, sophisticated, and advanced threat detection response.

Moreover, investing on a network security infrastructure such as EDR provides your company a higher endpoint visibility against traditional and sophisticated malware. Aside from the monitoring and visibility EDR Security also allows security teams to prevent previous attacks by identifying previous entry points that hackers used to get into your system.


To ensure that you get the most out of your investment, it is important that you know what you need and what an EDR software can provide for your company.

EDR Software

1. Detection and Visibility

Endpoints such as desktops and computers are prone to cyberattacks because these are entry points for hackers. EDR software delivers a better endpoint visibility which will then allow for easier detection of potential security threats. Moreover, EDR software also has monitoring practices which store information on what a properly functioning system looks like. This information allows for better detection of what an abnormally working system is to trigger resolution processes whenever necessary.

2. Isolation

Once the threat on your device is detected, a top notch EDR software will isolate the rest of the system as well as other endpoints. Just like how a sick person is isolated from the rest of the group is, this feature of quarantining affected files or devices is just as important so as not to infect the greater network.

3. Automated Threat Response

Most EDR solutions provide you with an automated threat response as soon as it is detected on your network. This is particularly important to ensure a fast and appropriate response that is custom-tailored to the threat. An effective security solution that has this component also allows your business to get back to normal operations quickly.

4. Behavioral Analysis and Protection

As stated earlier, obtaining a proactive approach to protect your company and its network is important and this is what an effective real-time security system EDR has. EDR tools allow your security administrators to detect any abnormalities or changes in end-user behavior through behavioral analysis.

If there is one thing malicious attacks have in common, it’s that it is an unusual and abnormal behavior from the end-user’s normal and day to day activities. Being able to catch these abnormalities can save an organization’s network and prevent any suspicious malware from compromising important data.

5. Threat Data Database

EDR solutions also store a threat intelligence database both for immediate and future investigation. This EDR feature is particularly important because it will match the files and information of a malware to potential threats in the future. With this security solution component, security teams will be alerted and informed of the health of your company’s endpoint devices.


An effective continuous monitoring will take your company and its data, network, and systems a long way. With features such as those mentioned above, it is just important to look for an endpoint detection response software that will provide the best possible protection. For your cybersecurity needs, check out the many services Comodo can offer. With Comodo’s endpoint security services, you can rest assured that the services we provide are tailored to your needs.

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