Free SSL and PCI Scanning - Why BuyerTrust

BuyerTrust is a program for e-commerce merchants that provides customers with a free $25,000 Purchase Protection Guarantee.

The BuyerTrust Program helps U.S- based e-commerce merchants:

  • Achieve higher sales revenue
  • Increase online conversion
  • Secure transactions
  • Meet PCI scan requirements
  • Build a worry-free shopping experience
  • Improve customer satisfaction

About BuyerTrust

BuyerTrust is a program for e-commerce merchants that increases conversion by offering $25,000 Purchase Protection Guarantee. After careful screening, BuyerTrust merchants are given a conversion-boosting site seal and the functionality to provide a free purchase protection guarantee with every transaction. This guarantee shows shoppers that the website with the BuyerTrust seal is highly trustworthy. The innovative site seal allows shoppers to interact without distracting them. Once they have made a purchase, they can get a free eVouch which gives merchants the unique ability to build a worry free shopping experience from end-to-end. In addition to the site seal, BuyerTrust merchants receive a free SSL certificate and PCI Scanning service so their customers’ information is handled securely.

Why BuyerTrust

BuyerTrust makes shoppers feel confident every step of the way. Seeing the interactive site seal on the homepage lets shoppers know this is a trustworthy site, with a Purchase Protection program. While on the product pages, seeing the site seal gives shoppers the confidence they need to buy. Receiving the purchase protection after checkout reassures them that they made the right choice. These days, every e-commerce merchant is feeling the pinch. Everyone is looking for new ways to attract and keep more customers. BuyerTrust, and its free $25,000 Purchase Protection Guarantee, is a unique way to reassure every online shopper.

Please visit our store to learn more about the program and how to apply.

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