Our unique interactive logo heightens
consumer trust on each page and
ensures a higher conversion rate.

About HackerProof

The most advanced scanning engine and customer reassurance tool for your site. HackerProof is synonymous with conversion!

HackerProof is a revolutionary new way to test your Website's security that utilizes advanced "Corner-of-Trust" technology invented by Comodo. By using HackerProof to continually test for security vulnerabilities, you increase the protection you provide for your ecommerce site's customers, and announce it to them on every page with the HackerProof Trustmark.

In fact, Comodo's advanced technology actually allows you to present your credentials right on your Website, so no visitor ever has to navigate off site at the expense of a sale. Included with HackerProof is HackerGuardian PCI Scanning, to help you meet your quarterly PCI compliance requirements.

Bottom line? Every customer who visits your site is more inclined to make a purchase!