Customers see their address bar turn
green and know they can use credit
cards safely. So revenue goes up!

About EV SSL Certificates

An EV SSL Certificate is the choice of merchants like PayPal and eBay! Here's why.

Comodo's EV SSL Certificate is all about increasing site visitor trust. In fact, it's rapidly emerging as the new industry standard!

EV SSL Certificate makes your customers' address bars turn green. A simple mouse-over even displays your credentials. This assures your visitors that your site is safe and secure for online transactions.

But Comodo isn't known only for superior products. At $359.00 per certificate, our pricing is also very competitive. In fact, an EV SSL Certificate from Comodo costs less than a dollar a day. Want an EV SSL Cert from a top CA at a low price? This holiday season, give Comodo a jingle.