• Flexible and reliable system for digital certificate issuance and lifecycle management
  • Centralizes and automates management of cryptographic keys and digital certificates
  • Ensures that certificates do not expire unexpectedly
  • Secure, tiered cloud-based administration
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Certificate Discovery Tool finds all certificates no matter who issued them
  • Administrative protection using two-factor authentication and/or IP address validation
  • Integrate into your enterprise with federation and APIs for provisioning and reporting
  • Comodo CA allows sub-CAs for qualified enterprises to intermediate their own root
Advanced Endpoint Protection
Solution Brief
Streamline Tracking, Management,
Security and Compliance.
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Salient Features of Comodo
Certificate Manager.
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Advanced Certificate Issuance and
Lifecycle Management.
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Comodo developed its advanced certificate issuance and lifecycle management platform in partnership with Fortune 500 companies to help enterprises maintain trust by providing a fully automated SSL/PKI certificate management solution. In 2005, Comodo founded the Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum, a consortium of CAs and Internet browser providers who develop guidelines that govern the issuance and management of digital certificates. Today, Comodo is the leading certificate authority with over 40% global market share.