Research and Development Manager

Location :
Chennai, India
Job Titile :
Research and Development Manager
Experience :
Minimum 12 years of experience in IT and Cyber Security
Main Responsibilities :
  1. Analysis of Networking and Cloud based Cyber security solutions in terms of security threats modeling
  2. Investigation of vulnerabilities, exploits and evaluation of new emerging threats
  3. Defining new security solutions and features derived from explored threats and existing attack methodologies
  4. Being a knowledge source in security domain for R&D group
  5. Take an active role during definition of new cyber products requirements and design
  6. Define SW specification requirements for R&D team
  7. Define end-to-end SW architecture for new security solutions
  8. Lead design, testing and implementation of security product.
  9. Leads and manages R&D organization unit, including multiple project teams
  10. Recruiting and team building
  11. Project Management.
  12. Responsible for security solution/system design and reference architecture
  13. Responsible for requirement analysis, architecture development and requirement development
  14. Responsible for feature breakdown and software development process
  15. Responsible for interacting with other product line and 3rd party
  16. Coordinate R&D and product management team
  17. Coordinate end-to-end solutions design and testing with cyber security elements.
Technical Skills Required :

The main experience required is in security domain.

  1. R&D – Cyber Security,
  2. Architecture & Development,
  3. Threat intelligence.
  4. Experience in cyber threat intelligence,
  5. Experience in R&D,
  6. Excellent software development and architecture design experience,
  7. Experience and knowledge in IOT and Security Strategies and upcoming Standards and Security
  8. Experience in product based company as Project Manager/Research Manager
  9. Excellent administrative and technical security experience.
  10. Experience and knowledge in ETSI Security and 3GPP Security Standards,
  11. Experience and knowledge in ETSI NFV Security and latest 5GPP or MEC development,
  12. Experience and knowledge in other reference Security benchmarks in the industry, e.g. CIS, NSA etc.,
  13. Good Knowledge and relevant experience about creating and feature screening processes,
  14. Good Knowledge and relevant experience about network security, like security gateway, firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, etc.,
  15. Good Knowledge and relevant experience of security domains like PKI, AAA, Cipher, etc.,
  16. Good Knowledge and relevant experience about telecommunication network (e.g. 3GPP, TCP/IP, OSS, etc.
  17. Good Knowledge and relevant experience about Cloud Computing (OpenStack, VMware, etc.),
  18. Good Knowledge and relevant experience about NFV and SDN,
  19. Good Knowledge and relevant experience about business management and financial,
  20. Good connection and Network towards ANSSI and other relevant security organizations.
Certifications :
  1. Industry recognized certification in cyber security, such as GCIA, GCIH, CISSP or similar is a plus but experience is preferred
  2. Certified or proven project management knows how (PMP or equivalent),
  3. Scripting in languages such as Python, Perl, PowerShell and a deep understanding of command line across Linux, Unix, OSX, Windows, etc.
  4. Networking certifications (e.g. CCNA - Security, CCNP) and demonstrated practical experience
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