API Integration

Automate requests and customize workflows with API integration; renewal and replacement of SSL certificates (API methods), enrollment of SSL/TLS and client certificates (Web Service API), discovery service and Code Signing on Demand (RESTful APIs), authenticate client certificates (SOAP APIs), and enroll devicecertificates for mobile device management (Web API).

Client Certificates

Customize client certificate types and validity periods depending upon purpose. Create certificate types with capabilities of Digital Signing, Encryption and Decryption, Dual Use (Digital Signing and Encryption), Authentication, Digital Signing and Encryption of SOAP, Data Encipherment, Active Directory (AD) User, Smart Card Logon and Authentication, and Encryption of files (EFS).

Role Types

Assign administrator, end-user, owner, requester or developer roles.

Certificate Roster

Create a targeted certificate roster to simplify certificate selection.

User Interface

Configure interface language, and sort, search and filter certificates.

Validity Period

Choose validity periods for certificate types available to applicants.

SSL/TLS Certificates

Select SSL/TLS types available to applicants from an organization.

Server Software

Specify server software types that are allowed for an organization.

Principal Name

Enter email to appear in Principal Name field of a client certificate.

Events Notification

Set automated event notification emails with customized content.