Manually installing and configuring SSL/TLS certificates may seem daunting. Recent innovations have automated the manual error prone process of configuration. Comodo provides solutions to automatically install and configure certificates on Microsoft Windows, Apache Linux and other servers. With Comodo, generate a certificate signing request (CSR), install on the server and configure a certificate in one-click, and then monitor a digital certificate for the duration of its validity.


Inspection provides an in depth status view of digital certificates. Universal certificate discovery scans local and remote servers to create a list of all certificates issued by Comodo and any other CA. Installation and configuration of each certificate is inspected based upon current online data protection standards. Organizations are deemed vulnerable if their certificate configurations are weak. Regular inspection helps to ensure that customer information is protected from a data breach.


Monitoring certificates provides brand protection that instills trust, protecting against attempted fraud and unauthorized certificates. Simplified certificate discovery makes it easy to rapidly identify all SSL/TLS certificates issued. Administrators are made aware of the status of certificates in use across all online servers and gain insight into what employees are doing with certificates. Monitoring is a vital security process to prevent issuance of rogue certificates.


Digital certificates are essential for online trust and are the foundation of network security. Security and compliance rely upon teams rather than individuals. Automated certificate management processes help simplify certificate discovery, regular purchase, efficient deployment, appropriate configuration, and timely renewal. Certificate management is vital for organizational security and for the protection of customer information. Comodo helps organizations to achieve network security.