Information Protection: What is Encrypted Email?

In a world where most people rely heavily on technology, internet security should be on an utmost priority.

You may view yourself as someone less valuable for cybercriminals. But regardless of your status in life, personal information and other sensitive data should always be well-protected. To address security issues, IT experts extend their efforts in creating strong walls and advanced methods to combat these threats. Yet, hackers still find their way to infect networks or steal confidential data.

To outsmart sophisticated attacks, the best thing we can do is to focus more on protecting the data itself rather than protecting the system. One way to do this is through email encryption.

Understand what is encrypted email, its purpose, and how it improves information protection in this article.

What is Encrypted Email?

What is Encrypted Email: Definition

In the early years, computer security was pretty basic. The computer was kept inside a room so that no one from the outside could ever access the network. As thousands of computers, more complex operating systems, and various email servers began to exist, physical security was no longer enough.

Email, for instance, became a huge platform where cybercriminals perform illegal activities such as spamming, infecting malware, and fraud. Thus, it is best for organizations to improve not just network security but on a deeper level where the protection of their information lies – data security.

So, what is encrypted email? According to an article posted on Digital Guardian, email encryption refers to encrypting or disguising the content of an email message to secure confidential information from being read by other people other than the intended recipients. The process of email encryption often involves authentication. (Lord, 2019)

Email, being one of the most popular communication medium of today, is susceptible to all forms of security vulnerabilities. Email messages, especially those that are sent via unsecured Wi-Fi connections are often the targets of cyber-attacks. With today’s sophisticated techniques created by hackers across the globe, even email sent within a secure connection can be now be accessed.

What is Encrypted Email: Why You Need It?

Think about this: you might be sending a letter to one of your relatives about an extra key to your house hidden under a pot on your yard, or you might be sending a check for your bill via mail. Whichever situation you may find yourself in, one thing’s for sure; you want to ensure the safety of the message. Same goes with sending emails. Sending messages with confidential content should also be protected. Hence, it is best for you to understand what is encrypted email.

Sending an unencrypted email is like producing a content for everyone to see. Ask yourself, why would you write something confidential and allow it to be seen by criminals? By understanding what is encrypted email, you are making a huge step to combat cyber attacks.

What is Encrypted Email: What to Encrypt?

If you think people with sensitive information on their emails such as their bank account numbers are the only people who need to know what is encrypted email, you better think twice. Hackers who gain unauthorized access to any email account regardless of its value will get the most out of that account. Hackers can use email attachments, contents, or in some cases, hackers hijack the entire email account for illegal purposes.

To secure an exceptional level of information protection, you need to encrypt three important aspects:

  • Connection from the email provider
  • Actual email messages
  • Archived or stored email messages

The connection from your email provider, your actual email messages, and even your saved or archived messages are equally important when it comes to email encryption. By understanding what is encrypted email, you can protect your information properly, thus, improving information protection. Email encryption renders messages and connection unreadable to the hackers.

What is Encrypted Email: How Does It Work?

When it comes to information protection, one of the most effective methods involves the process of email encryption. There are different technology tools that can be used to encrypt an email. One popular method of information protection is through a personal email certificate. This method works by digitally signing your messages. A personal email certificate is proven to reduce the amount of spam messages that can be sent under your name or under your email account. This digitally signed certificate allows the recipients of the message to verify if the message is a legitimate email sent by you.

What is Encrypted Email and its Significance on Information Protection

Encrypting all email messages and connections may not appear as a huge deal to most people. Often, people settle for long and complex passwords, as well as with their trusted IT security providers. While these security measures provide an extra layer of protection, it is best to put email encryption as a standard practice.


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