Anti Spam Filtering Appliance: Email Spam Harms Businesses

Email provides many benefits to human beings. Yet, it also comes with a series of flaws. One of them is email spam. Spamming on email is a popular issue for most email users. It brings nothing but pure annoyance. From a simple advertising tool, email spam transformed into an even more dangerous threat.

Email spam is a growing industry. In fact, a report from Statista shows that email spam accounted for 53.5 percent of the total email volume worldwide. This percentage alone proves that email spam can affect as many email users as possible.

Most organization tend to underestimate the value of email spam. Hence, a lot are falling into hackers’ traps. Human error is one of the major reasons that make an email attack possible. Most often, employees open up an email without looking at the subject line. Others click on an infectious link without even checking who the sender is.

Spam Validator

The Need for A Good Anti Spam Validator

We can’t deny the fact that spam is constantly evolving, and not to mention, becoming as costly and as dangerous as ever. The amount of junk mails you receive every single day is one of the most common effects of spam. As years passed by, spam transformed into a more sophisticated form of cyber attack. One that can cause even more serious effects to individuals and businesses alike.

Spam causes frustrations. Not only they fill up your inbox and waste your precious time, it can also infect your entire network. Spam can also be carriers of viruses, malware, and phishing attachments. This is where the need for a good anti spam validator comes into play.

Regardless of the type of organization you’re in, the need for the best anti spam validator should be an inarguable matter. A spam validator software will not just serve as a strong protection against threats; it can also improve employee productivity, restore lost bandwidth due to email traffic, and can also save you from security incidents such as fraud.

Ways on How An Anti Spam Validator Targets Spam

No spam solution in the market can totally eliminate spam, that’s for sure. However, there are still things you can do to prevent spam from reaching your inbox. One of the best ways you can do is to learn how to identify spam. To help you understand how a good spam validator targets spam, here’s a list of the most common parts of an email where spam usually exists:

An anti spam validator looks at the “From” line.

A good anti spam validator often look for spam on the “From” line. Eliminating spam is impossible as hackers don’t use a consistent email account. The good thing is that most reliable companies have a list of suspected email addresses that often appear to be sending you spam.

An anti spam validator looks at the “Subject’ line.

An email subject line with words such as “clearance,” “lowest price,” “earn money,” “this isn’t spam,” “don’t delete” or an email with no subject line at all is considered as spam. A good spam validator has a list of words that are commonly used in a spam message subject line.

Another way to recognize spam on the subject line is through language and the set of characters present. For instance, a message sent from an English-speaking country should be written in English. Foreign language or characters can be a clear sign that a message is spam.

An anti spam validator looks at the body of the message.

The body of the message shows the real identity of the message. With the number of methods created by hackers, sorting safe message from spam through the body of the message can be a little difficult. Hence, the need for a spam validator.

A spam validator analyzes the body of the message and looks for possible signs of spam. An anti spam software might look for the following signs: link with no description, spammy topics, language, set of characters, grammar, spelling and even spacing.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway: The Best Anti Spam Validator

In a world where success of an organization lies on technology, a strong internet security protection is essential. With the popularity of anti spam solutions, a lot of security companies vow to provide quality protection in an affordable price. Yet, no spam solution beats Comodo Anti Spam Gateway, the best spam validator to ever exist.

So, why is Comodo Anti Spam Gateway the best spam validator in the market? Comodo Antispam Gateway, a cloud-based spam validator, is powered by a pre-perimeter defense that combats spam, phishing emails, and infected attachments from reaching your network. Hence, providing you with exceptional level of protection. One of the many things that makes Comodo Anti Spam Gateway better than other anti spam solutions is its auto-containment technology. This allows Comodo ASG to protect you from various forms of sophisticated attacks while improving employee productivity all at the same time.

Outsmart hackers by discovering ways to identify spam and by choosing the best spam validator in the market. Choose Comodo Antispam Gateway now! For more details about the best anti spam validator, visit our website or click here for free trial.