Spam Mail Filter for Stronger Email Protection

Email is among the most preferred communication mediums of today. Despite social media channels, most organizations still use email. But with its popularity comes a huge setback. Email became the most favored entry point of unsolicited advertisements known as spam. This is where the need for a spam mail filter comes in. Such spam filter can help strengthen email protection.

Traditional email spam consists of various advertisements. Marketers used to send bulk email to persuade recipients for random offers. Today, spamming is more than advertising goods or services. Modern spam now serves a lot of purposes. It can now be a carrier of malware infections. Worse, it can a part of hacker’s illegal activities.

Gone are the days when spamming only involves annoying advertisement. Email spam is now a powerful tool for successful cyber attacks. Thus, it is best to choose a spam mail filter like Comodo Anti Spam gateway for email protection.

Spam Mail Filter

Reasons You Need Spam Mail Filter for Email Protection

There’s no doubt, email protection is such an important aspect in the success of an organization. Hence, choosing a spam mail filter is necessary.

Choosing the right spam mail filter that fits your needs can be a little confusing. This is because a lot of anti spam providers now exist. The evident impact of spamming only shows the need for a robust spam mail filter. To help you understand its importance here are some of the reasons why you need it:

  • Spam mail filter offers an easy-to-manage interface.

    Time is among the most important factor in any organization. Hence, it’s ideal to choose an anti spam solution that offers both convenience and time-saving properties. A spam mail filter like Comodo ASG offers easy-to-use web console. Thus, providing the protection and the time-efficiency that you need.

    An ideal filtering service should be easy to install, control, and manage. Such spam mail service allows users to assign different levels of protection to different users. Hence, strengthening email protection in a convenient manner.

  • Spam mail filter provides spam detection rates.

    A lot of spam mail filter providers claimed to have the “best” anti spam solution. With a lot of providers existing today, how will you choose the right one?

    Choosing an anti spam solution depends on a lot of factors. One of them is the ability to detect spam. An ideal choice should offer efficient spam rates. Comodo Anti Spam gateway, for instance, guarantees false-positive rates of less than 2 in every 1 million emails. This only shows that Comodo ASG is among the most reliable spam solutions in the market today.

  • Spam mail filter integrates anti spam techniques.

    A spam mail filter that offers advanced filtering techniques often has the most efficient service. Look for a spam filter that provides email attachments controls and email quarantine. These features ensure stronger email protection. Avoid choosing a solution that demands a huge amount of your system resources.

  • Spam mail filter comes with a support infrastructure.

    Investing in a spam mail filter also means investing in support infrastructure. Purchasing an anti spam solution should involve the after-purchase support. This is an important factor in improving email protection. Comodo ASG, for instance, offers a fully redundant hosting server for a 24/ tech support.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway: A Spam Mail Filter for Better Email Protection

Why let spam reach your inbox when you can prevent them? Improve email protection by choosing a spam-free email server. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway can an excellent choice.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway is a cloud-based solution that forms a pre-perimeter defense. Such anti spam filter prevents spam and infected attachments from reaching your inbox. It also fights other email-borne threats which may put your organization at risk. Hence, reducing the chance of security incidents such as a data breach. This helps improves email protection.

So, what makes Comodo Anti Spam Gateway the best choice for email protection? Comodo Anti Spam Gateway provides email protection without the need for complex hardware. It has a centralized, web-based console for easy management. Needless to say, Comodo ASG uses powerful features including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for artificial learning.
  • Valkyrie File Verdict Platform.
  • Comodo Antivirus
  • Patented-Containment
  • Reputation Network
  • Outbound detection
  • Account Locking
  • Archive Management

Why settle for less when you can have a reliable spam mail filter? Strengthen your company’s email protection with a spam mail filter from Comodo. To know more about spam mail filter, visit our website at You can also start your 30-day free trial today. Invest in a spam mail filter. Choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway now!


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