Why Use Spam Fighters: Program: Effective Tips to Recognize Spam

Internet security is still fighting battles against cyber threats. Email, being one of the most popular communication tools today, has become the leading target of cyber criminals around the world. In fact, a 2018 breach investigation report says that 92% of malware is spread through email. Thus, the need for a reliable spam fighters program.

Email spam is among the many threats that affect internet security. To address this issue, experts have created various solutions to counterattack these threats. Although no anti spam solution can completely end the issue of spamming. protecting your organization is still possible. The best thing you can do is to use a great spam fighters program such as Comodo Anti Spam Gateway.

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Effective Tips to Recognize Spam

Tip #1: You can look, but never click.

Reading an email spam may be safe, clicking on a link is a totally different thing. Email spam may look legitimate at a glance. But some of them contain links or attachments that may harm your computer or your entire organization.

If you happen to find a link on a message, hover your mouse over the link. If you find the link suspicious, don't click on it. It may sound cliche, but it’s always better safe than sorry.

Tip #2: Assess the email’s salutation.

Looking for your name on an email is a habit everyone should practice. An email with your name on it indicates that the message is written for you. If the email is addressed to a random “Valued Customer," you might need to analyze the email’s content. Legitimate email messages from legitimate companies should have your first and your last name on the salutation.

Tip #3: Watch out for threatening language on the subject line.

A subject line is intended to catch the attention of the receiver. Hence, a lot of people often look for the subject line first before reading an email. As the use of catchy subject lines became effective for some businesses, hackers have made their way to use it for their advantage. Most spam emails contain threatening language on their subject lines. Common spammy subject lines include "unauthorized login attempt," or "your account has been suspended."

Tip #4: Analyze the sender’s email address.

Aside from the subject line, another thing you need to look at in a message is the sender’s email address. People often believe that hackers are legitimate because of fake email addresses. Hackers with advanced knowledge on sophisticated techniques are able to make legitimate-looking accounts. These messages may look like safe because they often contain names and logos of popular banks, institutions, or businesses.

Tip#5 If they ask for your personal information, it’s spam!

A legitimate company will never ask for your personal information via email. Most companies such as banks or financial institutions won’t ask you for your bank details as they should have it in place. If an issue with your bank account arises, banks will invite you over instead of seeing you an email.So if you happen to receive an email asking you for confidential information, never give them up.

Tip#6 Use an anti spam fighters program.

Although no anti spam solution can eliminate spam, it is still recommended to use a spam fighters program like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway. A good anti spam solution features multi-layered filtering that allows the software to detect, analyze, and prevent possible spam emails from reaching your inbox.

Choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway: Spam Fighters Program

When it comes to company security, all aspects should have the same level of importance. A strong internet security, for instance, is a huge factor on the success of a company. Hence, it is best to ensure quality protection from a trusted IT security company like Comodo.

To protect your organization against email spam, a great spam fighters program like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway is necessary. Why choose a spam fighters program like Comodo Anti Spam? Comodo Antispam Gateway, a cloud-based anti spam solution, forms a pre-perimeter defense that combats sophisticated attacks such as spam, phishing emails, and infected attachments from reaching your network.

What makes Comodo Anti Spam Gateway better than its competitors is that it offers a fully scalable email protection. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway allows you to manage multiple domains without compromising the safety of each domain. With its flexible email protection, Comodo Anti Spam Gateway gives you the freedom to extend your privileges whenever you need to add new users.

Step up your business game by implementing a stronger internet security. Protect your organization with a spam fighters program. Choose Comodo Antispam Gateway now!

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