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Spam emails are getting out of hand. Cybercriminals are discovering effective methods to create even more sophisticated attacks. Hence, the growing number of data breaches and fraud cases across the globe. A security incident such as data theft not only results in financial losses. It can also put a company's reputation at risk. One effective way to improve email protection is by using a spam email program.

Spam Email Program

The Need for A Spam Email Program: The Impact of Email Protection on Businesses

People often use email for various purposes. Some use it for personal purposes. Most people use it for business. While people differ in reasons, they share the same problem — spam emails. Spam emails are among the largest issues for email users.

Traditional spam emails were only created as a form of advertisement. Marketers used to send bulk emails to random email users to reach a wider audience. Sending unsolicited advertisements became effective. This made hackers realized how valuable spam emails are. They began to develop advanced spam emails. Thus, the existence of even more dangerous email attacks. This where the need for strong email protection comes into play. The use free email spam filter like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway can help improve email protection.

Strong email protection is a must. A robust spam email program provides quality protection against email threats. It can also improve employee productivity. Above all, a reliable anti spam solution can protect your company's reputation. This promotes stronger email protection.

Compelling Reasons to Choose An Excellent Spam Email Program for Email Protection

Businesses value their assets. One of them is email security. An effective way to protect email security is by improving email protection. Hence, it is best to have an effective spam email program in place. An anti spam filter does an excellent job in preventing spam from reaching your inbox. This ensures that protection against spamming and phishing attacks.

The need for an anti spam solution is clear. But others still fail to recognize its importance. Here are some compelling reasons to use a spam email program for email protection:

Spam Email Program Reason #1: Email is now the leading source of security threat

Email is one of the most accessible tools to ever exist. It allows users to send and receive email messages anytime, anywhere. Email users can also use their email accounts on various devices. They can use it on their smartphones, on their computers, and even on their tablets. This only means that email is for everyone - including hackers.

Email remains to be the leading source of cyber attacks. In fact, 92.4% of the total malware volume comes from email. Affordability and efficiency are two major reasons why hackers use email. An infectious email reached their intended recipients without the senders paying for any amount.

An effective way to strengthen email protection is by using a spam email program like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway. Such effective anti spam solution can prevent spam emails from reaching your inbox.

Spam Email Program Reason #2: Basic internet protections aren’t enough

Anti-virus and other IT security tool can give you protection against cyber attacks. But it might not work all the time. Spam emails can affect you in many ways. Some can only impact your server speed. Others can destroy your entire network. Regardless of the consequences, it is safe to invest in a spam email program.

Free email spam filter also provides extra services other than email filtering. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway, for instance, has archive management on its features. It allows its users to restore deleted messages.

Choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway: An Excellent Spam Email Program for Email Protection

Email spam is one of the most targeted mediums today. Although anti-virus software is available, email spam will continue to evolve. Hence, it is best to use a spam email program such as Comodo Anti Spam Gateway.

Comodo Antispam Gateway is a cloud-based anti spam filtering solution. It provides protection against spamming and phishing attacks. Preventing security incidents such as data theft can help build stronger email protection.

A reliable spam email program like Comodo ASG offers robust email protection. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway also uses multi-layered filtering for stronger security. It also provides impressive features including but not limited to:

  • Valkyrie File Verdict System
  • Auto-Containment Technology
  • Archive Management
  • Reputation Network
  • Email size and attachment restrictions
  • Outbound spam detection
  • Relay rules
  • Active Directory or LDAP

Improve email protection. Secure yourself with a robust spam email program. Choose a reliable anti spam solution today. Invest in Comodo Anti Spam gateway now!

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