Best Anti Spam Solution: Invest on A Spam Detector Online

Email is an essential communication medium for most individuals nowadays. Whether you are a college student submitting most of your papers via email, an employee who does transactions with clients using your company email, or a business owner who makes business dealings online, you can find email as an integral part of your day-to-day routine. As the use of email becomes popular, cyber criminals have seen its great potential as a primary source of financial gain. Hence, the existence of cyber attacks such as spamming. Choosing the best spam detector online can be a great option to prevent these types of security vulnerabilities.

Spam Detector Online

How to Choose the Best Spam Detector Online?

  • How viable is the anti spam product?
    While your only goal is to protect your network from email spam, finding the best and the only spam detector online can be difficult. With hundreds of security companies claiming they can offer exceptional protection against spam, finding the best spam detector that fits your needs should be planned ahead of time. To test if the anti spam solution is viable, there are certain things you need to consider. First, a good spam detector online should be able to block spam. This may appear basic to most people. However, not all anti spam solutions do the job well.
  • Does the anti spam software offers reliable service?
    One of the simplest yet most effective ways to check the reliability of a spam detector online is by reading other users’ reviews. Most trusted security companies provide a space on their websites where heir users can share their experiences on a certain service. An ideal spam detector online blocks spam using multiple capabilities. Some of the best features of a reliable spam detector online are white and blacklists, and quarantine settings.
  • Does it have enough protection?
    An ideal spam detector online should be a standalone software. It should be able to perform its tasks well without the need of additional products. An effective spam detector online should also protect multiple accounts against email spam and other attacks.
  • Is the spam detector online compatible with your email provider?
    An ideal spam detector online should of course be compatible with your current email provider. An anti spam solution that isn’t compatible with your email provider won’t be as effective as it is or worse, may not work at al. So, before making a huge decision of choosing an spam detector online, make sure to check if your choice of solution matches your email provider.
  • Is it customizable?
    Customizing an anti spam solution may not sound as important is it should be, but doing so does improve the level of protection you can get. An ideal spam detector online should allow users to customize email rules and restrictions and should offer audit logging to improve spam detection capabilities.
  • Does the anti spam solution provide up-to-date solution?
    With today’s existence of even more sophisticated attacks, one of the major aspects you should consider when choosing a spam detector online is the auto-update and real-time scanning features. It is best to choose a spam detector online which offers real time scanning for high detection rate of possible spam. Auto-update, on the other hand, is also an important feature that allows the filtering solution to be aware of the latest threats and attacks.

Why is Comodo Anti Spam Gateway the Best Spam Detector Online?

Why worry about the possible effects of spamming when you have the best spam detector online? Save yourself from various security incidents such as fraud and data theft by investing on the best spam detector online. Comodo Anti Spam is a trusted spam detector online designed to detect, identify, and combat all forms of email spam. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway is a cloud-based anti spam solution that uses a pre-perimeter defense to provide remarkable protection. As a cloud-based anti spam solution, Comodo ASG combats unwanted email traffic, hence, restoring the download bandwidth lost due to mail traffic.

You might be thinking, why choose Comodo Anti Spam as the best spam defender online? Comodo ASG uses multi-layered filtering which ensures leading accuracy rates. In fact, false positive rates from Comodo Anti Spam Gateway are less than 2 in every 1 million emails.


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