Best Anti Spam Technique: Choose A Spam Defender

If you think spam is nothing but pure annoyance, you better think twice. Spam can also be dangerous. With spam an excellent source of money for cybercriminals around the world, methods, and tactics to make it even more successful is developed. Hence, the existence of more destructive and harmful cyber attacks. With these facts stated, how can you ensure the safety of your organization? This is where the need for the best spam defender such as Comodo Anti Spam Gateway comes into play.

With all the modern techniques, advanced email filters, and other ways to prevent spam from occurring, spam continues to exist. Even today, spam is still a huge problem for most businesses of all sizes. Despite security issues and warnings posted on the web, there are still individuals who fall victim to cyber-attacks such as spamming and phishing.

Spam Defender

In this article, we'll dig a little deeper as to what email spam is. We’ll also take a closer look at what email spam looks like and how the best spam defender can help you detect, identify and combat spam.

Email Spam: Overview

Most people own an email address making susceptible to email spam. Spam or most commonly known as junk mails to many consists unsolicited messages sent via email. Most often than not, email spam is sent out in bulk to reach as many users as possible. Although there are spam emails that are sent by legitimate companies, most spam emails are made possible by cybercriminals whose intention is to lure people into a scam.

According to a recent report from Statista, spam emails accounted for a whopping volume of 53.5 percent of the total email traffic worldwide. This only shows that email spam is something all organizations should take seriously. Hence, it is best to use an effective anti spam solution such as Comodo Anti Spam Gateway, the best spam defender in the market today.

What an Email Spam Looks Like?

Spam first came in the market as an unethical form of advertising a product or a service. As years passed by, more individuals and businesses regardless of their purpose are getting hooked on spamming. Thus, the existence of various types of email spam.

Email spam now serves as an adult storybook where you can discover things that are fascinating yet non-existent. You can find out messages about finding a date for Valentine's Day in exchange for an amount, you can also win a lottery without buying a lottery ticket or a message about miracle weight loss candies. These are just some of the things a spam email could be made of. To help you identify and distinguish which among the types of spam you are dealing with, here’s a list of three common forms of email spam.

"Congratulations, You Win!" Spam

One should know that even the least valuable thing on earth has a price tag on it. Thus, receiving an email that says you win a million dollars on a lottery, a brand-new Rolex, or just a random gift from a reputable company must be considered as suspicious.

Most individuals fall into this kind of trap. A message would consist of persuasive phrases like “Congratulations! You win a (product) click here for more details” that often lead to spread of a virus or worse, a security breach. To avoid dealing with this kind of spam, the best thing you can do is to use an anti spam solution like a spam defender.

Urgency Spam

Phrases like "This is Urgent" or "You have 1 Unread Message" are often seen on the subject line of urgency spam. In real life where time is such an important aspect, individuals often decide whether to open or ignore a message based on its subject line. So, messages that contain a sense of urgency on them will surely catch the attention of the user.

To prevent this type of spam from ever recurring, it is best to keep them on your spam folder or better yet, block the sender. Another best option is to invest on a trusted spam defender like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway.

Dream Job Spam

Ever wonder how an unfamiliar company with intent of inviting you for an interview landed on your inbox? You might be dealing with a dream job sam. This form of spam works by lurking people with such good statements that boost up a victim’s self-confidence. Statements “With your positive attributes, we find you suited for the job” are often used.

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