Better Information Protection with Google: How to Encrypt Email Gmail

Learning how to encrypt email Gmail is important if you're using the search giant's email service. However, doing so isn't that hard considering Google has already adopted tougher information protection standards. Every message people send inside Gmail is already automatically encrypted. So learning how to encrypt email Gmail seems pointless.

How To Encrypt Email Gmail

Unfortunately, though there are limitations to Gmail's information protection. The encryption extends only to those who use Chrome for checking the Gmail webmail. As you can see, information is indeed pretty limited and messages become open to interception if they are traveling to non-Gmail email.

If you want to cover your bases, you will need to get your company to host its certificate to Gmail. By doing so, you will be able to avail of Google's hosted S/MIME solution which encrypts all outgoing messages and provides them this layer of information protection while the message is being delivered.

However, there are some information protection workarounds you can do if you want to encrypt your messages. Here's some ways how to encrypt email Gmail.

How to Encrypt Email Gmail for Information Protection in Outlook

Outlook has pretty good information protection. You can use the email client as your primary how to encrypt email Gmail. After you set up your Gmail in Outlook, here's how to encrypt email Gmail in Outlook:

  • 1. Prep for this information protection process in Outlook by clicking on the New Mail button.
  • 2. Go to the Options tab next and click on More Options.
  • 3. You should see the Security Settings button. Click on it. This is the area where you can manipulate settings for better information protection.
  • 4. Choose Encrypt message contents and all attachments. This will encrypt your messages for better information protection.
  • 5. Hit OK and then close the tab.
  • 6. Write your message and send it as you normally do. You've successfully learned how to send encrypted email.
  • 7. If you've never set up a Secure ID, you might be required to do so for better information protection and to be able to encrypt your message. Just go to the File tab, and then hit Options. Go to the Trust Center and choose Trust Center Settings. In Trust Center Settings, go for Email Security and hit Get a Digital ID. You will see a website where you can get your Secure ID. You will receive your Secure ID in your email.

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How to Encrypt Email Gmail Using Third Party Apps

That's one method on how to encrypt email Gmail but there's another way. You can use third party service providers or plug-ins. Depending on what browser you are using, there are plug-ins that's all automate how to send encrypted email. There are information protection plug-ins for sending secure email in Chrome and Firefox.

And then there are certificates from information protection authorities like Comodo.

For greater information protection, users can avail of Comodo's Free Email Certificates. The free email certificates guarantee information protection by making sure the emails users send are encrypted beforehand. Since the certificates provide encryption of up to 256 bit security, security is tight.

The sender will also affix their signature on the message to show authenticity. Receivers therefore are assured that the sender is the actual person they're communicating with and not some cybercriminal. When receivers become used to the signature being present, they will become aware if a message from the sender has been faked if there is no signature involved or if the signature looks different.

Aside from providing better information protection and that it's free, Comodo's Secure Email Certificate is easy to install and it will work with major email clients.

When you know how to encrypt email Gmail, you're making sure your information protection is ironclad. This is a good measure because of the real dangers of identity theft, hacking, and malware. Information protection is necessary in this day and age precisely because of these dangers. When you learn how to encrypt email Gmail you are also protecting your privacy and your network.