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Most of us, if not all, receive spam every single day. While some of us are lucky to receive only a few, some get a lot which often affects productivity. We can all agree that using email as a communication tool makes life easier and more convenient. However, everything that makes email so accessible like instant messaging that delivers in seconds can lead to cyber-attacks. A simple list of email addresses is all it takes for professional hackers to perform a successful attack. Cybercriminals can then send a message to their victims as many times as possible as they use an automated system to expand their volume. Hence, the use of an anti spam solution such as a free spam removal program is clearly a must.

Free Spam Removal Program

Where Does Spam Comes From?

You might be wondering, where does spam emails come from? How do spammers know your email address? Spam is indeed annoying. However, with today's technological innovation, hackers have found new and effective ways to make the most out of spamming. Spam emails then transformed from just unwanted junk mails to even more dangerous threats.

Leaked Account Database

Often, hackers do get a long list of active email addresses by using leaked account databases. Huge companies in the industry such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Snapchat, and Adobe have dealt with this issue in the past years. Spammers can simply download leaked account databases and add random email accounts to their list. While there are useful websites which can identify if your account has been leaked, you can’t still totally get rid of spam emails. The best thing you can do is to employ a free spam removal program such as Comodo Anti Spam Gateway.

Exposure to infectious email attachments

You can't run away from spam, but you can at least prevent it from stealing your sensitive data or by destroying your entire system. One of the most effective ways to this is to avoid clicking suspicious attachments, links, or images. Most of the time, infectious attachments may contain common CTAs such us “Click Here to Unsubscribe” or "Buy Now!" If you think the content of an email looks very suspicious and unprofessional, it might be a spam email. Clicking infectious attachments may not cause you a lot today but it will in the coming days as spammers will note that your account is active. Hence, giving them an idea to send you even larger amounts of junk mails in the future.

How to Prevent Spam From Reaching Your Inbox?

Protecting your organization against spamming is a necessity that all companies should be worried about. While there’s still no accurate solution to completely eliminate spam, there are common steps you can do to prevent them from reaching your inbox.

Make use of an anti spam filter

As the existence of spam emails become apparent, most email clients these days include some form of spam detection on top of their features. Email providers automatically send a signal when a suspicious message tries to get in. Some email clients also feature a junk folder where suspicious emails will be kept for later review.

With Gmail, for example, you’ll notice a “Report Spam” button (the icon looks like an exclamation point) every time you open an email. On the other hand, you can also manually identify safe email from the Spam folder and mark it as “Not Spam” to save the message.

Never respond to suspicious messages

Identifying whether a message is legitimate or spam can be a little tricky. However, if you think an email is spam, don’t open it. If you opened the message and then realize its spam, close it immediately. Do not open attachment, or click a link from a suspected message as it may contain viruses or phishing links.

Use an alternative email address

The easiest, most effective way to prevent spam is to use an alternative email address. Set up an alternative email address which you can use for signing up on websites instead of using your personal or business email account. Never use or publish your personal email address unless you badly need to. Creating a separate email address can help you minimize the amount of spam.

Use a free spam removal program

While no spam solutions can solve the issue of spamming, employing a free spam removal program can still be a great option. Free spam removal program like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway offers features that can help prevent spam from reaching your inbox.

Free Spam Removal Program: Comodo Anti Spam Gateway

So why choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway's free spam removal program?

Unlike any other security solutions in the market, Comodo Anti Spam Gateway provides a combination of a cloud-based anti spam solution and an antivirus protection (SaaS) to help prevent sophisticated attacks from reaching your inbox and destroying your system. With today's even more dangerous and sophisticated forms of cyber-attacks, it is best to use a free spam removal program like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway.

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