Why Your Mailbox Is Holding You Back From Spam

Spammers have been offering genital-enhancing oral supplements, naughty toys, mail-to-order brides and other questionable products for decades. Email users of all ages are not in favor of these stuff infesting their mailboxes, and the time they spend to manually delete them is very unproductive. It is unfortunate that end-users are the first anti spam defense. However, it is understandable that the use of email will remain to have a very important role in personal computing regardless if an anti spam exists or not in the network.

Forefont Antispam

Even, Gary Thuerk the father of spam was not aware that what he started as an unsolicited email to sell a legitimate product will mutate into something harmful and counterproductive. In 1978, he had a burning desire to significantly increase sales of the Digital Equipment Corporation’s computers as he sent his unsolicited marketing message to hundreds of random recipients. "I sent the first spam. I didn’t do it to create spam but to introduce our product. That was the beginning of cyber or Internet marketing. It’s not s different from the ads in newspapers you get. It was just a new form of advertising," he said.

Like the fight against malware, enterprises large and small need to set-aside funds to acquire an anti spam system to keep their mail server in good order, also known as forefront antispam. Some companies, due to budgetary limitations, just choose a free forefront antispam. However, on the web, today's “free” anti spam services and “free” anti spam tools are really not really free. Security and privacy tools are dime-a-dozen, however, choosing a forefront antispam is deciding everything that comes with it.

Entry-level anti spam capabilities are built-in with today’s mainstream email clients - two of which are Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. Using a no-name forefront antispam tool against those email clients,  may produce poor results at best, and it may inject code that produces pop-up adverts at worst. With this, all the gains of using an anti spam software are rendered useless, as the disadvantage is severe compared to forefront antispam’s advantages. The claim of a free forefront antispam as 100% effective anti spam is not true, as its developers need to earn a living out of it one way or another.

Enterprise users do not decide for themselves when it comes to what forefront antispam to use. System administrators implement IT policies that prohibit non-power users gaining administrative privilege with the computer they use for their daily tasks. The policy is set by the IT team, and choosing a forefront antispam means the PC may become a recipient of adverts coming from the forefront antispam’s adversary, the spammers.

The best way to fight spam is through the help of a name you trust when it comes to security and privacy, Comodo. Comodo® Anti Spam Gateway, features a revolutionary Valkyrie scan engine. It is a cloud-powered and always comes with the latest real-time spam-signatures for detecting junk mail traffic. A head-to-head comparison of effectiveness between a forefront antispam versus the anti spam features offered by Comodo is orders of magnitude different. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway runs transparently and users cannot detect it on their PC, as it runs in parallel with the mail server.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway enables system administrators to confidently allow users opening email attachments without worry that it may contain a malicious payload. Compared to a generic spam checker tool, Comodo Anti Spam is highly integrated with the mail server software that filters spam even before it reaches users' mailboxes. As Comodo is a trusted name in the security space, you can be assured that it doesn’t come with adverts that can slow down the user’s PC. As it runs independently from the workstations, it does not waste the limited computing resources like a forefront antispam with a questionable quality.

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