Fight Spam beyond "Junk"

Unlike real life battles with bladed and explosive weapons, the idea to fight spam is not very clear. Many competing tech companies are in the market to introduce the idea to fight spam in behalf of the users and the enterprise. We are not just here to fight spam, but to fight crime, as sending spam is a crime in many countries in the world. Many countries have legislated cybercrime laws, which always include criminalizing deliberate sending of mass junk email.

Fighting Spam

Spammers are not sending junk mails for the popularity - huge money motivates them. For every user click in their spam messages is a win for their wallets. Spammers will not take the effort of people to fight spam sitting down. They have started the retaliation of countering the action of many to fight spam, by deliberate misspellings of spam keywords. How many times we have seen spam words like Viagra misspelled? They have to do that in order to bypass the filters in their goal to counter our desire to fight spam.

Mainstream email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird have rudimentary engine that fight spam. It is through the use of "Junk folder", where the anti spam algorithm moves the spam email to the "Junk" quarantined location. The vulnerability of a built-in anti spam feature of the email clients is it is tied with the version. The newer the version, the more sophisticated the filter to fight spam is. Unfortunately, not everyone can upgrade to the next version as soon as it is available, especially in the enterprise setting where a strict upgrade cycle schedule is observed.

This situation can be fixed by installation of an anti spam system that fights spam using a special service hosted separately from the other servers. This is where Comodo, a leading name in privacy and security launched the Comodo Anti Spam Gateway. A total security solution for email spam. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway also covers protection for email attachments. This gives end-users and system administrator the confidence in opening email attachments, as it prevents malware by filtering them before the emails reach the user’s mailbox.

The prowess to fight spam can be empowered by Comodo Anti Spam Gateway. Its servers as a real time scanner, through its innovative Valkyrie anti spam engine. It fight spam from its source and blocks emails from known malicious domains from reaching the user’s mailbox.

This filtering happens transparent to the user, and system administrators have a central control page. This is where they can granularly adjust the needs of the enterprise with regards to the aggressiveness of the anti spam solution.

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